photo friday: hitting a wall

bracket 12 walldelicious cheese wall
It's been four days since we got back from Melbourne and not to be too completely literal with the photos for this post, I hit a wall around Wednesday.

After spending all day Tuesday processing images and posting my thoughts from Melbourne, I spent Wednesday not doing a whole lot... but by Wednesday night I wasn't feeling too hot... or rather I felt too hot and then too cold and generally rubbish.

And when I got up on Thursday I still felt rubbish, but figured it would get better. Yeah, it didn't. Which is part of the reason I completely forgot to do a Random Hotness post yesterday, so apologies for that.

When I woke up this morning and felt worse I decided to take the day off.

Not really how I wanted to end the week... and I wish I could say that I felt better after a day half spent in bed and half spent trying to distract myself from myself... but I just feel achy and congested and generally blah.

Seriously, what purpose does getting colds or the flu actually serve the human body? Surely we should have evolved as a species enough that these things shouldn't knock us on our asses as much as they do.

I did get some good news today, although I wish I could feel more excited about it than my body is currently capable of... and in some ways I would have hoped that it was a given. I got an interview for my job. And the interview is on Tuesday.

Let's hope that my body pulls itself together before then or else I'm going to be a whole world of "fire bad, tree pretty" in the interview.

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