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fork on the road vansview of the city
It's been one of those days.

I don't quite know how else to describe it... it's been busy and boring... I've been in the right place at the right time, I've been in the right place at the wrong time... I've done a lot of talking but not necessarily a lot of processing or feeling after the events of yesterday. Plus it was also a day that very obviously heralds the arrival of Spring tomorrow.

And I've eaten a bunch of tasty stuff at Fork on the Road.

This morning Ma was getting her hair cut and coloured, so I was left to my own devices for the trip to the supermarket.

As usual, because I was on my own I got the whole thing done in a little over thirty minutes. But it was very much me clomping around the supermarket with my headphones on.

black and white bbqiced chocolate
When I took a quick wander around Target I discovered that they had three boxes of the Series 11 Lego Minifigures... which is great the day after I no longer have a job...

And I'll be honest, I really, really, really wasn't in the mood to stand there and feel up little mylar baggies. Will I skip this whole series? I really don't know... but at the moment I'm just not feeling into it.

By the time I got home I still had over an hour before Ma rocked up, so I had time to unpack all my groceries, change my bedding, watch an episode of Good Game, and read a couple of chapters of my book.

Which was, in itself, kinda weird, since usually we're up and about and doing things on a Saturday morning.

When Ma turned up I told her the whole saga from yesterday and then given that it was around 11 by that point we headed off to the bank so I could deposit the $855 worth of change I counted out earlier in the week.

i love the design of this van, although it never seems very busypeople start to gather
Then we headed off to Bonython Park to get our Fork on.

As usual, we rocked up just as everything was opening up... in fact when we got there some of the trucks hadn't actually started selling anything, but it didn't take long before it was all go.

We started out with a couple of beverages Fair Espresso... which may have been a mistake, only because we started with a big milk based beverage. That and the fact that while the iced coffee Ma had was lovely, the iced chocolate I had was a bit ordinary.

Next up we stopped off at La Chiva for a couple of their pastelitos... which are really, really nice. Simple, and to be honest kinda difficult to dip in the cute little wooden container full of tasty tomato sauce, but really nice. While I was waiting for the pastelitos to be ready Ma wandered over to Sneaky Pickle to grab a serve of their onion rings.

They're some excellent onion rings, and remind me of the ones my Nanna used to make when I was a kid... nice thick pieces of onion in a nice light batter.

la chivatasty pastelito
We found a shady spot under and tree and enjoyed our food, then decided to head down the other end and see what else looked good.

While we were standing outside of Low and Slow American BBQ and Delectaballs trying to work out what to have, suddenly Owl Girl appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Technically it wasn't nowhere, but she came up behind me.

I gave her a hug and introduced her to Ma and we had a quick chat, but I didn't tell her anything about leaving work which kinda sat heavily on my mind after she'd gone.

Ma and I decided to share a "Pulled Pork Sammich" which was quite tasty, although if we'd split it differently or if I'd been thinking properly, I probably would have piled it up with the apple slaw and the chips to add some different textures to it. It was still nice though.

After we'd polished off the sammich, I knew that I had to go and speak to Owl Girl to tell her what was going on. Clearly the Universe had meant for our paths to cross, so I was obviously supposed to talk to her.

happy smiley sammichlow and slow american bbq
So I wandered over to find her, only to discover that she had actually been at one of the trucks and was heading in the same direction that I was back to where her and her boyfriend had been sitting.

Thankfully she was a little shocked by the whole thing (as you would be), which sounds horrible, but I still wasn't feeling up for processing other people's feelings along with my own (or not processing my own as the case may be), so at least she didn't burst into tears on the spot.

But while it didn't actually feel good to tell her, it was a weight off my mind.

We didn't stick around my longer after that, we were both pretty much done with food, although as always we stopped off at Four Seeds to pick up some brownies to take away with us.

Then as we headed back to the car, we happened to see Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon get off the tram. Or the female versions of themselves anyway. And no, that's not as mental as it sounds, it was two young women cosplaying and heading, I'm guessing to some gathering at the Ice Arena down the street.

sneaky menutasty four seed brownies
We then headed into the city because Ma had a couple of errands she wanted to run and I needed to pick up the artwork I bought a couple of weeks ago from Espionage.

None of it was particularly taxing, although we did witness the Marriage Equality Rally rainbow-flag it's way halfway up the Mall. While I have no problem with the concept of holding a rally, I will say that it would probably help if a) your chanting as you walked along was actually able to be heard and understood and b) you weren't holding your protest sign upside down and using it to fan yourself (granted, that was only one girl).

We didn't stick around at Espionage very long... Josh had a couple of other people with him in the gallery, so we really just picked up the artwork and headed on our way.

So that was pretty much it, we headed back here and called it a day.

And even after describing it, I still can't really define exactly the kind of day it really was.

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