photo friday: street chaos

croft alley linesroyal street purple

union street faceswell that's clearly what i'm doing wrong then...
I've been tired all day. I was tired when I got up, I was tired when I got to work and I'm tired now. But then I've had a bit of an emotionally draining week, so I'm really not all that surprised.

There isn't really all that much to report about the week... or at least not a lot of stuff that I want to preserve for posterity.

I'm generally feeling much better lurgy-wise than I was last Friday... All that's really left is a little bit of a cough and a little bit of sinus congestion. But hopefully that's not going to last much longer.

Last night was Haircut Day... Haircut Night... whatever, so I got to chill out and just relax at Tink's place while she cut and coloured my hair in the usual fashion and we talked about Melbourne and my work situation and her work situation and Disney movies and lots of nothing much at all really.

It was good though. And now my hair is the requisite amount of short and blonde, which is always good.

But that's really more or less it, other than my chiro appointment after work this afternoon. So... yeah...

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