mini shopping saturday

just a very small supermarket
There really isn't all that much to say about today's shopping excursion...

We just did what we needed to do and called it a day really.

It all started out in the usual fashion, although I did get distracted by my book first thing this morning so I wasn't quite ready by the time Ma turned up.

But we did the usual supermarketry... and had a quick poke around Target, not really for any particular reason though. When we got back I realised that I'd hardly bought anything from a grocery perspective.

We really didn't know what else to do with our day... we didn't have any plans, but I keep forgetting to look for a photo frame in the store opposite the supermarket, so we headed back there to take a look at what they had.

It turned out that they didn't have all that much in the right size and what they did have seemed overly expensive, so we took another wander around Target on the offchance they had something... and BAM, $9 frame in the right size. I always love it when a half-assed non-plan comes together.

After that we just went for a wander around at Arndale... which was pretty much just a way to fill in some time...

So, yeah... that's really that...

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