series eight saturday shopping

shopping for lego
Today was pretty straightforward...

Or at least it was after my brain worked out that it was actually Saturday and not a weekday and that was why the alarm didn't go off on my iPhone at the usual time.

But at least that's better than thinking it's the weekend when it isn't.

As Ma and I are going to a play tonight it was something of a short day... which is fine, while this morning was pleasant, the afternoon went all grey. Not that that bothers me, but it certainly was a radical change in the day.

I explained "the Sydney plan" to Ma on the way to the supermarket and she agreed that it was the preferable option.

So the October trip is off... and it's an April trip to Outpost 2013 instead.

After the usual morning routine we headed down to Arndale so that I could stand in the Lego aisle in Big W and feel my way through every single packet of Series 8 Lego minifigures in an attempt to find the whole set.

On the upside, at least I wasn't doing it on crutches this time... although I do wonder whether the combination of being in pain and on crutches and not having left the house for a week last time really focused my mind in on what my fingers were feeling... or possibly the last series were just easier to tell apart.

For whatever reason I had a little more trouble picking what some of the figures were.

And there were either a complete lack of the Trader/Businessman figures in the box I was looking through or I was just never able to identify him... because he's the only figure I didn't get.

So at some point in my future there will be more standing around trying to identify a single, fairly unremarkable figure.

That was really about it... after a further wander around Arndale we called it a day and Ma headed home for a few hours.

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