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It turns out that I needn't have worried about my car not starting this morning...

I went out early enough that I could still get the RAA out, but it started first time. So I moved it around to the front of the apartment block came back inside for a while before heading off to the mechanic.

Ma met me at the supermarket and we did the usual shoppingness.

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When we got back to my place after shopping, it was so nice a day that I actually left the door open... to let the sunshine and fresh air in...

Spring really is staring to... well, spring.

At least until Tuesday when the weather turns nasty again anyway.

Since we didn't have any plans for the day, we sat around having a discussion about So You Think You Can Dance, which we haven't done to the same degree during this current season, what with us not watching it on teevee this time around, plus the fact that I haven't been especially regular with my watching.

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Eventually we decided to head back to see the mechanic even though he hadn't called me to tell me the car was ready. We hadn't gotten very far down the road when the mechanic called me, so it was good timing.

I asked them to look at the battery specifically, and it seems that it was charging normally... I just need to drive it more often.

I think I'm going to have to suggest to Ma that we take it in turns driving on Saturdays.

After I picked up the car, I met Ma back here and we decided to head out firstly to Arndale, pretty much just so that we could have a look around Big W... which is almost always the reason we head down there.

diver roostlonely seat

I found myself a new hoodie... which probably means I should go through my wardrobe again and get rid of some stuff otherwise I'm not sure it's going to fit...

Plus I found a giant Lego minifigure that contains a pen when you pull the head off. How could I say no to that one.

Since it was such a beautiful sunny day, I brought my camera along with me and we decided to head down to Glenelg. Not for any particular reason, just because we haven't been down there in a really long time and it's outdoors and beach adjacent and whatnot.

beach triofoam line

Mostly we just wandered around looking at stuff... there are a couple of cool stores that weren't there the last time we wandered down Jetty Road.

It also seemed like everyone else had had the same idea to head down to the beach at the first sight of some sun and a slightly warm temperature. Some brave (or insane, depending on your point of view) souls actually went into the water, which still must have been freezing.

Better them than me.

We wandered down to the Orange Spot Bakery for some lunch and then drove down the foreshore and sat in the sun to eat them. Usually their stuff is pretty good, and the pie I had was nice, but Ma wasn't so impressed with her pasty.

They do a great vanilla slice though... nice crispy pastry.

daisy headsgate curls

And that was about our day...

We did discover that with the aid of a data cable, I can hook my iPhone up to the fancy ass stereo in Ma's car... that's definitely going to come in handy in future.

Although it does make me want a new car where I can do that too... and then take long road trips where I can listen to podcasts while I drive.

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