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I'm sure I've said this before... in fact I know I said it on Twitter earlier this week (and I got a random reply from some website that has a listing of hotels, but no company information on their website)... but I really, really don't like the "finding a hotel" portion of making travel plans.

I went looking at hotels in Sydney earlier this week... I want something located towards the Circular Quay end of the city, that looks halfway decent (or at least doesn't look like they haven't updated the decor since the 80's), and isn't horrendously expensive.

Melbourne has a whole bunch of little boutique hotels right in the midst of everything, but in Sydney those seem to gravitate to the southern end of the city. Or be ridiculously expensive.

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Other than that I really haven't had much time do even scratch my butt at work this week.

I spent pretty much the first two days of the week wrangling spreadsheets and graphs and whatnot, and it seemed like everybody wanted to ask something slightly unusual of me for the remainder of the week, which has kept me on my toes.

And it's surprising how many meetings I've had of late that kind of end with "you really need to survey your customers".

Fortunately, the fact that both H-San and La Ninj are on leave this week really hasn't been an issue. Invariably whenever H-San goes away the wheels fall of something or there's some major panic about some random crap. But so far, so good.

Although he is away for another week, so I could be tempting fate.

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This week was another "Food Truck Lunch" week...

Two days at La Cantina Co, two days at Burger Theory, one day of wandering around the food court feeling vaguely disappointed.

I missed out on the new Art Burger on Thursday though... they were short on supplies... but I did snag the new art print. Hopefully I'll score one next week...

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I finished my last chiro session this afternoon. Well, the last one until the reassessment session on Monday afternoon.

Unfortunately I've been sitting up for too long in the evenings this week which isn't good... so my body has been complaining about that a little bit... but for the most part I'm feeling 95% back to normal.

I'm not sure I'll ever be all the way back to normal... according to my chiro it's not like the disc in my spine is going to suddenly plump back up to be a normal healthy disc... I can get the blood pumping through it again so that it doesn't block the nerve, but it's already degenerated and there's no treatment to fix that.

So, yeah... vaguely depressing... but at least I've done all I can about it at this stage.

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I think my Parlour Palm is dying...

It's split into for individual plants in the same big pot and one of them has already died off... but now a second one, which was one of the better plants has turned all brown and doesn't look very healthy.

Part of me wouldn't really mind if the whole thing died off... it would give me a chance to start over and re-pot the thing... maybe get one of those ones that has a much taller stalk...

Although I have had it since 2005... which is pretty impressive.

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