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finding nemo - sea it for the first time in 3d
This isn't going to be a full on review of Finding Nemo... given that it's amongst my favourite of all of the Pixar movies, plus it was originally released in 2003, so there's the fact that I've seen it a number of times, it wouldn't be the same as reviewing it after seeing it for the first time.

Instead I'm going to give a brief rundown of my thoughts on the 3D conversion for this rerelease.

As it's a computer animated movie, the 3D effect is pretty much flawless... there's perhaps a couple of moments where the backgrounds show up as the flat "backdrops" that they are, but there is literally only one that I can think of that really drew my eye.

Everything else has been seamlessly switched over to having depth and volume.

The only part where it falls down in the same problem that I have with a number of modern 3D movies. They're so busy being all "aren't we clever, look, depth and volume and roundness and whatnot" that they forget or else disregard the history of 3D and the ability to make things come out of the screen as well as appear dimensionally within it.

Especially in this particular instance, where your characters don't exist within a fixed plane that's anchored to the ground. They're fish for goodness sake, they float, and it would have been easy for them to essentially appear right in front of my face.

There were two scenes where I would have thought they would have "broken the fourth wall" was it where.

The first was the scene with the "jellies"... they surround the characters, and pushing them out towards the audience, increasing the claustrophobic feeling of that scene would have worked really well in my opinion.

Secondly, there's one scene in the movie where characters do in fact fly straight at the camera... the "krill" scene... even if there was no other point where characters leapt out of the screen, towards the audience, it would have been this.

But sadly, they didn't take up the opportunity.

That being said, it was a very minor issue and didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the movie. I am subtracting a point for the lost opportunities however.

yani's rating: 3 P. Sherman's out of 5

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