brief saturday shopping with fish flashback

i'll take that one... but do you have one in blonde and one in ginger?
I'm not sure whether it's the fact the sun in coming up earlier or the fact that Spring is kind of in the air (albeit quite chilly air today), but I'm starting to get cravings to do some Spring Cleaning.

Unfortunately the cravings haven't quite coincided with a large enough burst of energy to actually do anything about it in one session.

It did make me Frankenstein my collection of boxes of Glad ziplock bags (I think I have every size they make them in, and the boxes keep falling over in the cupboard) with the aid of a bunch of sticky tape.

See... this is how thrilling my life is... that things like this are exciting to me.

Anyway... today wasn't much more thrilling.

We did the usual supermarket thing, although neither Ma nor I bought very much in the way of groceries. Then after the supermarket we did the wander around Target thing... and unlike when I wandered through Myer at lunch yesterday, I couldn't see any Christmas decorations in Target... because, really... it's too fucking early for that shit.

Not that that will stop me keeping my eye out for any toy soldiers that may turn up.

Once we were done with the shopping stuff, we came back here for the unpacking stuff... and Ma went down the street to buy a coffee, as is her want currently.

Rather than attempting to fill in the day wandering around the shops, we decided to head to the movies and see the 3D rerelease of Finding Nemo.

After the movie we came back here, Ma poked around on her laptop for a bit looking at Sydney hotels and then we called it a day.

So, yeah... that's pretty much it...

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