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violent and sexyoutpost eagle

Sometimes when you realise that the Universe it nudging you towards a course of action, or possibly a course of inaction, you need to listen.

The facts current are these...
  • I love travelling to Sydney a lot... like A LOT
  • Sculpture By The Sea runs from 18 October to 4 November
  • Outpost 2013 runs from 29 March to 5 May
  • Ma and I want to go to Outpost 2013
  • I floated the idea of going to Sculpture By The Sea a few weeks ago (possibly before I knew about Outpost 2013)
  • We don't want to return to the same hotel we've been to previously for reasons
  • I have been unsuccessful in finding another hotel in Sydney that is all of the following:
    • In our price range
    • Not skeevy looking
    • North of King Street
    • Available during the dates of our travel
  • My bank balance is only just recovering from all the travelling that we did within a short period of time last year

And so I had a little rant to Ma via email on Wednesday about said dramas and her reply (which mentioned the Outpost trip next April) started the cogs whirring in my brain.

ripplerock art

I'm not super excited about going to SBTS again this year.

Last year was fine (weather notwithstanding), although that whole trip was several days too long due to us needing to head to Melbourne on a specific date and that SBTS was moved back a week. But we did a whole bunch of stuff we might not otherwise have done (like Taronga, and the original Outpost). And I do want to put my feet down on Sydney soil (figuratively speaking) again.

But if I was forced to choose either Outpost or SBTS, I'd choose Outpost.

So I think that's where the Universe is directing me/us. I think rather than trying to cram in two trips into the timeframe (even though they do work out to be about 6 months apart) it would be a better idea to save our money now and visit in April... that way we can spend a little more on accommodation and generally have more money in our pockets for the trip.

I also found out yesterday that it's very likely that I'll be extended at work until next June... so I'll actually have the money to pay my way on the trip which is always good.

Now I just need to convince Ma that it's a good idea... I think she'll see the sense in it though.

blue tigermirror ark

I'm still in two minds about the whole new Twitter look with header images. On the one hand, I'm hardly every going to see them as I don't often visit other people's profiles, but they just seem to stand out and get in the way, especially on the iOS version of the app. And it's an extra swipe to be able to see somebody's profile, which I usually use to judge whether somebody is a spammer or not.

And I'm not especially thrilled about how large you have to make the header image in order for it to show up clearly on the Twitter website. It's stupidly large (1200x600 pixels), and anything smaller gives a crappy resolution.

I did decide to be a little bit tricky and try and make the header image look like it's missing and that you can see my Twitter background through it, which is kind of cool when it works.

However it does mean that I'm going to need to do some fancy math (divide 1200 by 520, then take that number and multiply 1400 by it, etc) to get a new version of my Twitter background that's enormously huge that I can then use for the header images too.

I'm also a little disappointed that newly updated Twitter profile pics are being resized/saved at lower quality. They look fine on the iOS app, but are all fuzzy and jaggy on the website version. And I do like a crisp avatar.

fredrock spherepurple and yellow

I swear that I'm getting sunburn sitting next to the windows at work. It may not be actual sunburn, it may be that the glass is radiating heat after catching the sun first thing in the morning and I'm being slowly cooked... but it's very warm and my forehead has been very red of late.

I thought having a window seat was supposed to be awesome. I don't really relish the idea of being baked alive (or roasted... the jury is still out on exactly what the difference between those two things actually is).

Squeeeeeeee! Lego Series 8 minifigures have touched down. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time at lunch yesterday to stand there and feel my way through an entire box (plus they were more expensive in Toyworld than I remember them being in Target last time)... so I just grabbed one. But tomorrow... tomorrow there will be standing around and feeling up foil bags (which sounds like it could be dirty, but isn't).

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