my year in movies 2010

my year in movies 2010I'm not sure whether the movies this year have been better, or whether my scoring system is just leaning towards the high side, because the top two movies were both 5/5, and three through nine were all 4/5.

Building on last year's inaugural "My Year In Movies" (I sense that this is going to turn into a regular thing) these are my top ten movies for 2010 (complete with links to the original reviews):

1. How To Train Your Dragon

how to train your dragonHTTYD is not a new story (boy who doesn't fit in meets someone from outside his world, finds his place, hijinks ensue), but it's told with a hell of a lot of skill and love and humour.

2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World

get the hot girl, defeat her evil exes, hit love where it hurtsIt's bouncy, it's funny, it's sweet, it's hyper and it's very definitely entertaining...

3. Easy A

let's not and say we didWhat it is though is a smart, funny, clever, well written, beautifully acted piece of cinema that never has to stoop to using "cringe humour" that is so often a staple of the "teen comedy" genre.

4. Toy Story 3

no toy gets left behindAll in all, while it's not going to rank high enough to be my Favourite Pixar Movie Ever, and it is, as I've previously said, quite dark and maybe a little intense for some kids, it was an enjoyable movie.

5. A Single Man

a single manLyrical, quiet, sad, hopeful, still and beautiful.

6. Up in the Air

the story of a man ready to make a connectionActually, that's a good description for the movie... low-key... it's not big or flashy or overblown, I mean even the movie poster doesn't trade on George's face (and is actually taken from a scene in the movie... well, two thirds of it anyway). But there's some excellent writing there, some genuinely funny moments and some excellent storytelling.

7. I Love You Phillip Morris

based on a true story... no, really it isBut there isn't that much to say... it's sweet, it's funny and some distribution company should really get off their ass and give it a wider release.

8. Kick-Ass

i can't fly, but I can kick your assKick-Ass is violent and vulgar and cheesy and over the top and realistic and excessive and pitch-perfect.

9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

the end beginsI guess I was also slightly surprised at how sad the movie felt as a whole (which I suppose makes sense... there really isn't a lot of light and humour in the book either from what I can remember) and how incredibly tender parts of it are.

10. Me and Orson Welles

all's fair in love and theaterIn essence, that's where the love story is... Efron's character is seduced into this strange and intense world of theatre by Welles and it's that storyline that has more depth and interest to it than the supposed love story.

Honourable Mentions: Just missing out on the top 10 were Let Me In and Inception

Dishonourable Mention: I know it hit a lot of critics "Top 10" lists, but my pick for worst movie (that I saw... there were a LOT of really awful movies I didn't go and see) goes to Fantastic Mr Fox... it just fell flat for me.

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Lacarian said...

I watched four of these movies, too ('Me & Orson Welles' just few days ago). 'HTTYD' is my favourite of 2010, followed by 'Inception' and 'Harry Potter'. Have a nice day. :O)


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