beach shots and dot points

wakefield at glenelg sea rust
Dipping into the photo archives for some beach related shots... which pretty much suit the weather, if not my mood.
  • I'm cranky for no apparent reason... I'd be happier if I knew why, then I'd at least have something specific to direct my crankiness at.
  • Considering doing something of this nature to my Billy bookcases when I finally get them.
  • I'm banning myself from eBay for a while. I've now bought seven different toy soldiers from there (the last one showed up yesterday)... it's time to stop until closer to next Christmas.
  • This week I've been enjoying the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcasts... some fucked up shit, but entertaining nevertheless.
  • It's now less than a month until I go to my first Fringe show for the year.
  • Dinner tonight is chicken, green beans and baby potatoes... just in case anyone cares.
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