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Some street art that is completely unrelated to this post, other than the fact that I went looking for street art at lunchtime, didn't find the piece that I went looking for, but found something else instead... not that either of these are what I found...

Today was the First Day Back in more ways than one. First day back at work, which wasn't quite as arduous as I thought it might be... but also the first day back on my morning walk for about two months.

And other than the fact that I needed more sleep, I remembered the other reason I was fairly happy to stop... for some reason my feet end up aching... there was some additional stiffness afterwards this morning, but I'm just guessing that's because I haven't done it in a while.

It did feel good to be back out there though... even if nothing was any different on my route.

Getting myself to work was probably harder than anything I really did all day... in fact I think the most I achieved was catching up on gossip and sorting out all the paperwork on my desk (and throwing a good chunk of it away since it wasn't needed any more).

Tomorrow I'm going to have to work out what I really need to be concentrating on though... but at the same time, part of me thinks that if I'm only there until the end of January, what's the point in getting overly invested in anything. Of course I'm not basing that on any evidence, just extrapolating from a throwaway comment...

But anyway, I think we spent more time talking about movies than any of us really did doing real work today...

When is the next public holiday again?

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