photo friday: adelaide green

riverbank pods graffiti jungle
I don't normally do multiple images for Photo Friday (the horse sequence notwithstanding), but these two shots just seemed to belong together... the street art is from Wyatt St (found by accident on the hunt for some other street art that wasn't there any more) and the riverside plant (I have no idea what it is... some sort of grass maybe) was, unsurprisingly, taken on the banks of the Torrens...

Today was one of those days where you start out doing something that should be simple and relatively quick and through one thing and another ends up being the focus of your entire day. The task itself wasn't... but then it turned into a wider question, and other random stuff cropped up and before I knew it, it was the end of the day.

I realised today why it was that I've been cranky of late... I'm not especially pleased about it and at this junction there's nothing I can really do about it. If I'm really honest with myself I think I knew what it was on Wednesday, I was just hoping that it was some underlying issue that was showing up as this particular irritation... I don't know that it is.

And yes, I realise how cryptic that all sounds.

I also brought some reading home from work for probably the first time ever... We have a meeting early on Monday, so I might try to put some ideas together on Sunday, go in armed with a concept, or at least the early draft of one.

Started working my way through the rest of the first season of Walking Dead last night... I say "working through" because I'm pretty sure that I won't be seeing the second season... I realised part of the way through the second episode that there isn't a single likeable character in the show and they just keep introducing more and more total asshats as the episodes went on. Plus the blood effects bug me... bright red against the slightly desaturated look everything else... looks fake.

Oh, and very tanned skin with light, almost glowing, blonde hair (I'm thinking specifically of arms here, but it works for legs, butts, chests) makes me go all tingly (in the good way)...

Other than that, my head is kind of running around in circles... so I'm going to wrap this up and go and make some dinner...

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