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alice in wonderland - you've got a very important dateWith one thing and another it worked out that it was a much better plan to go and see Alice in Wonderland today rather than tomorrow...

And we managed to see it in 3D too... which wasn't a bad option, although it comes with the usual problems I have with 3D (slight headache, that blurring of things moving quickly across the screen, the picture being a little bit darker than normal).

I also read the original book earlier this year (on my iPhone as it happens), just so I would have some background to the story. And I have to say that I wasn't a big fan... the Alice from the novel is alternatively shrill, annoying and incredibly stupid and the story is essentially a string of random events strung together with no real throughline.

Fortunately the movie keeps the basic concept and throws the more annoying elements.

But even though it has the Tim Burton touch, and somewhat crazed but great performances from Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter as well as some gorgeous visuals, it just felt a little bit flat.

Mia Wasikowska did a good job as the titular Alice, although it did feel occasionally that she was really just there to wear an ever expending parade of Colleen Atwood's costumes... I can think of at least six different outfits off the top of my head.

The story isn't overly complicated, a lot of the visual effects (the Cheshire Cat, the Tweedles, etc) are excellent, but there are equally a couple of effects that seem a little off (Crispin Glover as the stretched out Knave of Hearts is the most obvious).

I also had some trouble understanding a few chunks of what Johnny Depp was saying...

All in all, it's a pleasant enough way to spend a couple of hours, but not Burton at his best.

yani's rating: 2 frumious Bandersnatches out of 5

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