photo friday: the return of mr sloppy

one way sloppyAlthough Wednesday was a bit of a general clusterf*ck of a day, it did mean that because I had to head between locations, I spotted this Mr Sloppy sticker. I think it's supposed to be 3D, since it does have a red and blue overprint going on... although who wanders around wearing 3D glasses... other than that guy in Back to the Future...

I've tried a somewhat self-fulfilling experiment for the last couple of days... I've put my iPhone away in my bag during the day instead of having it on my desk. Unsurprisingly I don't waste as much battery, and I don't fiddle with it.

Speaking of my iPhone... it may actually be sulking that I haven't been paying attention to it for the last couple of days. For the first time in forever, the camera wouldn't work, and then it locked up and generally needed a slap. It seems to be okay now... but I haven't tried the camera... *mutter mutter mutter mutter*

But given the way my week has gone, it's about par for the course.

Thankfully it's the weekend now...

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