lady luck

lady luckSometimes Lady Luck is a psychotic bipolar bitch...

I really feel like I'm currently paying for all the positive things from the last few weeks. I had a great time at the Fringe, I bought a bigass teevee... and now I have to pay the price.

Today was particular trying... I had to wait for the plumber (who solved the immediate problem, but may have caused another problem), spend the rest of the morning writing absolute crap for Performance Management crap, then had a meeting with the big boss this afternoon that was an absolute waste of time. I'm sure my body language probably reflected exactly what I was thinking and feeling, but I honestly don't give a damn, it was all a lot of finger twiddling and pointless conversation that wasted everybody's time.

Mostly I think this thought process all started with the stupid tap issue and the fact that my Land Agent is so pointless... and then all the little niggly things started presenting themselves and once you start paying attention to them, they start to add up.

I'm actually a lot calmer than I was when I got home, and I guess I'm just having a general whinge...


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