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I'm currently surfing the receding edge of a sugar high.... I bought post-birthday cupcakes for everybody in The Nut House... and I think I not only bought too many, but also consumed too many...

They also did me a birthday card (without me even noticing it was happening, which is rare, but I was all over the place this morning, and away from my desk) and gave me a Sanity voucher (not a voucher to purchase additional sanity, you understand, but for the record store of the same name).

So not a bad day all up...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Children :: Should be bound and gagged and kept far from where I live!
  2. Saddlebags :: Motorcycle
  3. Restraint :: Leather
  4. Awake :: Barely
  5. Blood :: Vampire
  6. Shutter :: Island
  7. Posted :: Mail
  8. Corn cob :: Barbecued
  9. Flagrant :: Disregard
  10. Fart :: Excuse you!
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