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hyperspeed supermarketWell, it's been a typically atypical day...

First up once Ma got here we had to head off to vote... dull, but necessary. I did my usual trick of fending off the people attempting to give out how to vote literature.... and I swear they're allowed much, much, much closer than they have been in previous years. Usually they're only allowed at the gate, not actually in the grounds of the school so much. This year, within 6 metres of the entrance to the polling station.

As we came around the corner, they all started massing like the seagulls in Finding Nemo ("Mine!" "Mine!") so I just said "Collectively, to all of you, no thank you" or words to that effect which took the wind out of their sails. Once of the women seemed a bit miffed and muttered something along the lines of "Good morning to you too"... but fuck her, I don't want them, and I didn't want to have to tell them all collectively I didn't want them. Those things should be illegal anyway, they waste paper and the information is already pasted up in the booths!

Anyway, I decided to number all the 74 boxes below the line... and just like one of the previous elections I started with all the stupid, racist, homophobic, bullshit parties, and worked my way forward... then skipped a few and started with the few good parties I did like... and ended up with two 7's... d'oh! Eventually I worked out that I'd missed out #20, so after a little slight of hand I had a finished ballot.

Took forever though!

Next up we went shopping... blah blah blah, broccoli, Iced Coffee and steak.

After buying a new doormat (it's half rubber, half coir, looks pretty good) we came back and unpacked and then went off to the Goodwood Market... now this is the same market, more or less as the one we went to back in November... but this one was pretty much useless.

Not, for example, as useless as the one from last weekend... but then that one was so far down the lame meter it's hardly worth using as a judging point. But this one, just kinda lame.

I thought about it while we were wandering around actually... Ma and I have done a lot of markets in recent times, and I can't help but wonder if I'm a little bit marketed out. Especially when there are a number of stalls that you just see EVERYWHERE...

In the end, all I ended up buying was some very fine olive oil which I also bought at the last one, and it was so good I had to have more.

After that we were at something of a loose end... the market had only taken about half an hour, if that, and we hadn't really planned further than that.

I did need to get hold of some little nuts (which sounds wrong no matter how you say it), so we headed off to Bunnings to see what we could find. Turns out the answer is "nothing"... they don't have teeny tiny little itty bitty nuts. Bugger!

Not exactly sure where IS going to have the right kind of hardware though!

Our final stop was Ikea... land of all things cheap, Swedish and flatpacked. Seriously, why does anyone ever go and eat in the Ikea cafe? It's just wrong... wrong and awful... thankfully we avoided most of it, but even the fruit salad is crap... all melons and pineapple.

I was supposedly in search of a new teevee stand... but everything I really, really liked was far too wide for the spot. So I'm going to have to think outside the box yet again... as well as looking in other places.

They obviously spray stuff through the air-conditioning ducts in that place, because I swear I always come out of their either wanting random crap I have no need for, or having bought the aforementioned crap. In this case, a white plastic photo frame, a pair of cardboard document sleeve things (which are cool, but I don't know what I'm going to do with them) and something else I can't remember for the life of me right now... oh yeah... straws...

And that was about our day... now I just need to avoid all the stupid election coverage (that includes you Twitter) and I should have an enjoyable evening. Or at least an evening...

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Tom said...

How odd, I've heard lots about the TAS election, next to nothing about the SA one!

For your little nuts, try a model shop. What are they for?

yani said...

Well obviously I've heard lots and lots about the SA one, but I didn't even know there was one in TAS until Friday!

A model shop is what the guy in Bunnings recommended... they're to reattach the little wheels to the dumpster I bought...


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