photo friday: northern lights

northern lights - sturt desert pea northern lights - art gallery northern lights - jungle lionsYesterday, after we went a replaced Ma's stereo (the one we got last Sunday was actually missing a cable, so they replaced it with an entirely new system in a box since the one we got was floor stock), we headed down to the Garden of Unearthly Delights to take a look around and have some dinner (mmm gozleme, minty lemon drink, oliebollen and BBQ corn) and then headed down to the Northern Lights on North Terrace.

I have to say... while it's still nice to see the buildings all lit up like that, this years designs were nowhere near as interesting or inventive as the ones two years ago.

It was a little disappointing actually...

The designs seemed to be much more "thematic" this year... all the buildings had a flower design (blah) and a "pretend to make old stone buildings look like wooden houses" theme which was well done in a couple of instances, but overall was a bit m'eh...

All in all the designs on Bonython Hall were probably the best... in addition to the green "art deco jungle" design above, there was also one that made the whole place look like it was coated in pink/purple leopard print (it wasn't really leopard print, it just make me think of that).

I also ended up having a conversation with possible the only transexual viewing the Northern Lights that night. And it was a conversation about translating Latin, so double points on the obscure-o-scope.

By the time we got back to my place and Ma headed off it was around 10:30... and I really should just have given up and gone straight to bed... but I didn't, which meant that it was 1am before I got to bed.

That in turn lead to me deciding to sleep in this morning, which in turn lead me to oversleep and essentially have to get up and throw myself straight into the shower and head out the door.

Fortunately today was mostly low-key... there were some technical things going on which meant that I essentially ended up screwing around with paperwork all day...

Oh, and we had guys coming around doing electrical testing... which was fine... except the guy who was doing our computers stopped at one point and pointed at me and quoted my original surname... turns out we went to primary school together. It is indeed a small world after all. It made it slightly weirder from my perspective because I'd checked him out earlier that day. Although interestingly it was one of his friends that I had a massive crush on in both primary school and high school.

I also realised that if he was clambering around in general proximity to my desk, if he was paying any kind of attention he probably worked out I was gay (you know, if actually talking to me didn't do it)... which makes me wonder if it will filter back through any of the people he says he's still in contact with. Not that I care obviously, since my likelihood of seeing any of them is about the same as my chances of running into that guy in the first place.

For about 30 seconds this evening though it made me see the point of Facebook... you know, to stalk people electronically. Still doesn't mean I'm ever going to stoop to that level though (the Facebook level, I do the electronic stalking thing all the time).

I also booked myself in for Haircut Day next Friday... I'm still going with the "growing it" plan, but I definitely need it to be tidied up. It did mean that I ended up standing around the salon talking to Tink for more than the necessary length of time.

And that was about my day... well, day and a half really...

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