the return to being mostly horizontal

it's like this, but with less superheroes
Remember in 2012 when I screwed up my back?

Well, after a couple of weeks of occasional twinges, an overly enthusiastic masseuse, an adjustment from a chiro that isn't my regular chiro and a Friday morning spent moving computers and crawling under my desk at work, I spent Friday evening resting in bed and got up to find that I had major pains shooting down the opposite leg from last time.

And they were there even when I went to lay back down. Not good.

That let to me having about two hours total sleep on Friday night since I couldn't do much of anything without pain.

Since my chiro office isn't even open on weekends, I found a replacement chiro out at Unley that could see me yesterday. Not sure how much she helped, but she did a partial adjustment and prescribed ice, rest and some walking around. Hopefully I can get in to see my proper chiro next week, since I get the feeling I'm going to be going back to seeing her a couple of times a week for a while.

Until then I'll be spending quite a bit of time just laying in bed for a while, and probably won't be blogging all that much until I can summon up the energy to either do something standing up or until I can actually sit down again.

Fortunately it's not as bad as the major incident last time... I can stand, I can turn over in bed, I can shower, dress myself and leave the house... I just can't sit. And there's some degree of pain involved in everything else.

So, yeah... not the best update ever, but at least I haven't just disappeared into the ether... I'm still here, just in a prone position mostly. At least it finally gives me the time to catch up on the last series of Game of Thrones.

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