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There's a movie poster theme for this week's Random Hotness. The movie in question is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (or, you know, just Mockingjay) which doesn't come out until November.

A set of seven teaser posters dropped this week featuring high fashion images relating to the Districts, and it's actually a toss up for my favourite poster between District 7 (featured below) and the poster for District 9. As a brief aside, I think they totally missed the mark with the District 12 poster... I know why they did it, but it's a complete mis-match to the rest of the images.

But I knew I had to feature these three if only because of the presence of model (and former Random Hotness) Alex Minsky in the District 7 poster.

I have no idea who the models are for Districts 6 and 7... but you gotta love a man in textured rubber pants and a man in a furry cape.

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