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buy all the things
Today didn't exactly turn out like we planned... kind of, but with differences.

But before I dive into that, just a short update of my week and my back and whatnot.

I spent Monday at home, in bed... dozed through the morning and then spent the whole afternoon and evening watching the fourth season of Game of Thrones. Ten hours later...

Tuesday I had a chiro appointment first thing in the morning (ie 8am) which was something of a relief, and then I headed into work. I spent the majority of the day standing, which was okay, although my desk still hadn't been adjusted, so it was a little bit problematic reaching the keyboard. A couple of A4 paper box tops fixed that up.

The desk finally got adjusted by Thursday morning, which was a welcome relief. And I've actually been able to sit for longer periods of time at work whereas I last about 15 minutes sitting in my chair at home before I have to get up. I am also sleeping a lot better... as in I can actually sleep through the night.

Friday morning I had another chiro appointment which was good, if only because I got to ask a lot of potentially dumb questions about the weird things my body had been doing over the last week. Like for example the fact that my knee feels like it doesn't want to hold any weight at various times... turns out that's because everything else is doing the work of the thing before it in my body and my knee just goes "Nup, got nothing, screw you". Not that I've fallen down or anything, but I did do a bit of a gimpy wobble getting on the bus on Wednesday.

Work has definitively picked up this week. I have three computers, I've processed a bunch of projects, it's all going swimmingly. Annoyingly occasionally, but also swimmingly.

And after discovering that I had transposed the apartment and building numbers on a parcel from Amazon, it all turned out fine when the postman ended up taking it to the post office and I followed the tracking numbers through to their logical conclusion and found that it was sitting there waiting for me. Yaaay.

The only other semi weird thing since I hurt my back is my partial lack of appetite. Actually it's not really THAT weird, first off it was the pain that was preventing me from wanting to eat anything, and after that I think there has just been that general lack of desire to stand around preparing very much that has led to less food happening.

Fortunately that more of less sorted itself out by today.

The general plan today was to have Miss Oh with us, since La Cousina and hubby are away for a couple of weeks and Ma was sleeping over at their place this weekend just to keep Miss Oh company until... actually, the until doesn't really matter. So I've kind of been looking forward to this all week long more or less, since I always enjoy spending time with Miss Oh and I don't get to do it all that much.

But Ma messaged me while I was in the shower to tell me that Miss Oh wasn't feeling well and so she wouldn't be coming along. Disappointing, but these things happen. It just would have been nice since there was a Fork on the Road on today at Bowden and I don't know if she's done the food truck thing before.

Anyway, when Ma got down we headed out, all rugged up warmly, since it wasn't the warmest of days.

Supermarketness was a little more intense perhaps than usual, if only because I didn't do any shopping last weekend besides asking Ma to pick me up a handful of things. And it just so happened that there were a number of things I ran out of this week.

After we finished that and had done the unpacking thing back here as usual, he headed off to pretty much do most of the things we would have done had Miss Oh been with us anyway. No sense wasting a perfectly good half of a plan.

this is pretty much what constitutes all the things
Our first stop was the Flinders Street Market which we went to back in March...

While Ma poked around the jewellery stalls, I was once again semi-obsessed by the second hand/bric-a-brac stall at the back. Specifically the vintage photos that he still seemed to have (I'm only guessing they were from the same batch, they might not have been) from the last time we were there.

I picked up another four portraits of handsome young gentlemen from the late 1800's and early 1900's... I still don't know why I'm obsessed with then photos, just that I am.

I also noticed a very beautiful cash box in amongst a set of rather more humdrum cash boxes... it looks like it's made of wood, but it's actually painted... I don't know by who, I don't know when, but it looks really ornate and when the guy running the stall said it was $20, I wasn't going to walk away from it.

True, I also have no idea what the hell I'm going to do WITH it... but it was too pretty not to buy.

Next up, Ma had planned on a trip to the Haighs store... and since I've been thinking about making a side trip to Haighs all week, I wasn't going to say no. I did go a little bit crackers, but that was only because there were a lot of things I like in the Seconds racks. Plus I wanted some toasted marshmallow like crazy.

The only thing I wanted to do other than the evening Forking was to grab a copy of The Lego Movie (and possibly to see if I could track down the Jack Skellington figure from Disney Infinity). So it was down the road to Cumberland Park Big W we went.

Lego Movie, check... but while they seemed to have every single other Disney Infinity figure, no Jack.

Since we were already on that side of town and the weather was decidedly shitful and prone to rain and whatnot, so after a very tasty sausage sizzle we decided to keep heading in the same general direction all the way down to Marion.

Looking back on it, it may have been a slightly stupid idea, just from the perspective of sitting down in the car for all that time. I'm tying this standing up, and I'm generally a little achy all over. I think a large proportion of tomorrow will be spend horizontally.

Anyway, we finally got to Marion, and finally found a carpark (which was a little bit wearing... so close and yet so far and all that... plus too much stopping and starting and overly enthusiastic breaking for my general wellbeing). Big W was pretty much a bust, Infinity-wise, and at that point I generally got over the whole idea. The only reason I was even looking for them there was that they had a "twofer" deal on, even though there wasn't really a second figure I was that interested in.

Instead I went into T2 to engage in my newly acquired fetish for T2 tea... but they did have 18% off everything since it's their 18th Birthday, and as a T2 member I also got a free box of tea... so, BARGAINS!

I bought a pretty red mug for work complete with it's own strainer, a box of Liquorice Legs tea which they had in one of their brew stations and which was really lovely and aniseedy, then when we got to the counter I spotted the Cocoa Loco tea, which is made out of cocoa bean husks and smells like chocolate. I don't exactly remember what the three free tea options were because when the girl said "Creme Brulee", I was sold.

That was about it generally for Marion... we had a wander around (I only just stopped short of fondling the giant box for the Lego Sydney Opera House only because it was giant... but it was on sale, so I was somewhat tempted), people just generally seemed to want to be in my way (even more so than usual, possibly because I was slightly tired and a touch grumpy at that point), and then once we'd done a full circuit we were pretty much done, so we headed back to my place.

fork on the road - indoorsfork on the road - archie goodness
I had a little bit of a rest, although I couldn't stay lying down for long otherwise I would have dozed off. Then we watched part of some on Barbra Streisand movie (On A Clear Day) until it was time to head on down to Fork.

This was a bit of a different Fork, one billed as an "Indoor Fork"... which was both partially true and somewhat misleading. There was indoor seating, but all the trucks were still outdoors.

fork on the road - deep fried egg, dirt(y) stylefork on the road - simon b woking out
We started out with a wander around, then headed down to see Archie and get some Pastizzi (mushy pea and pork for Ma, Moroccan lamb for me) as an entree.

Not everything was up and running when we got there, so we decided to share the Deep Fried Egg at Simon Bryant's Dirt(y) stall... and it was pretty much exactly as advertised... a fried egg, with all manner of tasty things sprinkled on top and laying on a bed of rice. Nice though, and definitely something I'd try again.

fork on the road - lady pearl was back in actionfork on the road - burger theory... it's been a while
And Our Lady of the Blessed Burger, the Grand Dame of Food Trucks, Pearl was back on the road at long last, stuffed full of Burger Theory goodness.

I was literally the first person in line... it took them a while after we got there to get the doors open, and I was hovering across the way taking a photo of the truck to harass the boys online with when Rob came out and started opening up. It was definitely good to see them back out on the road, as well as seeing Dan back behind the grill.

fork on the road - tasty as hell, but buggered if i can remember what it was calledfork on the road - empty clipsal goodness
We also tried this lovely, tasty, golden goodness... and it had weird name and I can't remember what the hell it was... other than it was slathered in "garlic water" and was vaguely potato related. Definitely another one that I would happily revisit... plus they had interesting sounding vanilla slices too.

This was the second time we've been in the old Clipsal factory for an event (it'd make a great set/venue for a very industrial version of Macbeth too I think), and while the whole place wasn't opened up (which was also possibly a mistake given the number of people crammed into the available seating), it is a great space and makes for some interesting photos.

fork on the road - come, take a seatfork on the road - mmmm honey puff lady goodness
We'd already stopped off to see Mim at Four Seeds to pick up some brownie goodness (including an extra helping for Ma to take back to Miss Oh) earlier in the evening, so for dessert we stopped off at the Honey Puff Ladies for some sugary, doughy, fried balls of wrongness and deliciousness.

And that was the end of, in the words of Winnie The Pooh, A Very Busy Day.

Turned out to be a good day, even if it wasn't the day we expected when we set out.

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