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The phrase "I don't want to spend any money today" didn't really have a whole lot of effect on today...

I genuinely had a couple of minutes this morning when I woke up where I didn't remember what day it was. I was trying to work out why my alarm hadn't gone off when it was supposed to and how that was going to affect my day because I was running behind schedule.

And then I remembered it was Saturday.

I did waste some time playing Angry Birds Epic, the RPG style game from the flinging bird people. It's cute and vaguely addictive.

I managed to pull myself away in enough time to take a shower and get ready before Ma got down here... well, apart from shoes... and then we headed off to the supermarket, and had an in-depth conversation about the first episode of the new series of So You Think You Can Dance from last night on the way.

What, it was a very emotional start to the season.

Shopping was, you know, shopping. I'm planning on making minestrone soup as my lunch of choice this week, so I filled up my trolley with a metric ton of vegetables as seems to be the general theme of late. Thankfully I didn't start work in Summer, because I have no idea what I'd be doing about lunches.

After we did the regular supermarketry we had a wander around Target... and I convinced Ma that she needed to buy one of the onesies they were selling out. It was pink and fluffy and had bear ears on the hood. She's 67 years old and now she owns a pink fluffy onesie.

And she looks fucking adorable in it.

We didn't really have any plans for the day, other than the aforementioned wish to not spend any money.

I had idly floated the idea that I could do with another set of bedding while we were in Target, only really due to the fact that the Ikea sets that I have are about 10cm smaller than the non-Ikea set, and in Winter that 10cm is the difference between being able to tuck my feet in and cover my head at the same time.

But Ma does, on occasion, tend to latch onto those idle ideas if we don't have any other plans... so she suggested that we head off to Spotlight since they were having a sale and we could look at bedding.

The bedding I wasn't so fussed about, but I figured if they were having a sale it was as good a time as any to replace the overly long kitchen curtain with something that was a more suitable length.

So we headed into the city.

Due to the ongoing insanity that are parking restrictions in the city due to sports matches happening some seven hours later, we ended up parking in a different spot than usual and then taking a shortcut through the University grounds and coming out at the Target end of the Mall.

We decided to have a look there at bedding, which turned out to be a good idea, since they seemed to be having a sale, and they actually had some simple, single colour quilt sets. So I settled on one that was a very dark navy blue, almost black.

It was marked $99, but the tag on the shelf had it at 50% off at $49, and when I took it to the register it actually came out as $26... so no complaining there. I also grabbed a big red scarf in the women's department. It's very similar to the one I bought in Melbourne last year, but it's bright red.

We then headed to the other end of the Mall to Spotlight. And that was about the point that I realised that I also needed a new fitted sheet and two extra pillowcases (the fact I also needed a new pillowcase for my body pillow didn't occur to me until later), but everything in Spotlight seemed overpriced and boring.

Boring was also the order of the day when it came to net curtain material. Well, the combination of boring and the depth of curtain I wanted, very boring indeed. Plus Spotlight never lays them out at all well. You would think that they would very tidily group all the curtains that are the same depth together, so that if you knew how deep your window was you could instantly see what your options are.

Yeah, they don't seem to do that.

Also if it's not 213cm deep then it's fucking boring.

In the end I decided to get the same fabric that was already in that window and in the bedroom window (although as it turned out what was already there was the ivory colour and I bought the white)... I don't love it, but at least it already matches what's in the house already.

Technically what I bought is several centimetres too short, but I was already living with curtains that were too long, and trust me, short is better.

We also grabbed a cheese toasty from the food truck in the Mall, had a wander around Myer and the Myer Centre (and found a cheap bodypillow case in Lincraft), had something to drink in the basement of the Myer Centre and then wandered back down the Mall to take a look at the fitted sheets and pillow cases at Target again.

I managed to find a nice teal blue sheet, but of course they didn't have matching pillowcases... but it's not like I needed it urgently today so I bought the sheet and Ma managed to find the pillowcases at a Target on her way home.

As we were leaving we ran into J & K who are tangentially related to us... we used to see them much more regularly when I was a kid, but now it's pretty much whenever Ma and I happen to randomly run into them. It's always nice to see them though, even if, like most of the other people I'm related to, I don't have a single thing in common with them.

That was about it really... after that we wandered back to the car and came back here.

Annoyingly I had my first failure with a set of those 3M hooks... I was trying to stick them up above the window so that I could take some of the weight off the cord the net curtain is on, and they just wouldn't stay on the wall. And even when I got one of them to stay for more than a couple of minutes it fell down as soon as I tried to hook the curtain over it.

So yeah... so much for not buying things...

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