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There's not a hell of a lot of news this week...

Yesterday we went to the pub to say final farewells to the Big Boss... going to the pub on a Thursday night just throws my whole brain off... but I didn't stay long and only had one drink. Then I walked home and got very disappointing take-out.

I went into the bank on Tuesday, and as I suspected my bank card can be replaced but it's going to take five business days, which means I'm without ready cash until some time next week.

Today was generally a bit of a disaster... I was really busy all morning, but then discovered that I'd been doing everything ass about face and nothing particularly seemed to want to work properly... so I'm going to have to do it all again later.

So that was a waste of five hours.

I also got the first electricity bill since sorting out the issues with Origin... and of course because it was a first bill (and possibly because it covered the three Summer months when I was using the aircon a lot) it was distressingly large. Hopefully the next one will be more reasonable.

And that's really about it, other than the fact that I had a visit to the chiro this afternoon that was a little odd. I've been seeing the same person since I started going but she wasn't available so I ended up seeing the other chiro on staff. And it was weird... not bad... just odd. She did the whole adjustment differently, the conversation was kind of like talking to a friend of a friend... I don't know how else to describe it. She's nice, but I did miss my regular chiro.

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