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This has actually been a fairly busy week... mostly work-wise, although I did spend an evening chasing my own tail in the pursuit of getting some tail, a phrase I don't think I've ever used in my entire life.

Having a busy work is good... although at the start of the week I was severely not in the groove for this particular new task so I spend about a day and a half (including half of last Friday) essentially spinning my wheels. But then I invoked the mighty god of tables, Excel, and now I have myself a fully functional process with colours and formulas and whatnot. I do love a good spreadsheet, I'm not going to lie... although it's weird because I'm not a numbers person... but then I tend to use Excel for everything BUT number crunching.

And once the leash fully comes off, hopefully next week, I should be running between the proverbial pillar and post (which in this case actually means three different computers) getting everything done.

It looks like it's going to be a good level of busy though... no so flat out that I can't do anything else, but enough so that I have something to do when I'm not doing anything else.

Monday evening turned into something that, while it definitely had elements of comedy, was pretty much a tragedy. It started with me chatting with a guy I've been talking to on and off for months, possibly even over a year at this point. We've flirted pretty hard core previously, but this time when an invitation was extended I took him up on it and drove out to Norwood (fortunately not that far to go). I'd only been there a couple of minutes when he declared that he was feeling "awkward" and had changed his mind.

To be honest I always expected him to totally flake out on me, he just gave out that kind of vibe... so the fact that I actually got an address that wasn't a pizza shop or a vacant lot and actually got to see him spectacularly naked was more than I'd expected. I very much doubt I'll be hearing from him ever again though.

That did mean I'd had an essentially wasted journey and was all revved up with nowhere to go (well, once I got home).

Which is why when another guy messaged me not long after I got home, I invited him over. And this is where it got semi-weird. He said he was in town and was headed my way, which is a 15 minute trip at most. Some 45 minutes later he claimed to be downstairs and when I gave him the "how to get to my door" spiel (which is much more complicated than it used to be) he said he was only wearing his underwear. I never did get around to asking why, but he then said he'd be back in another 20 minutes. I offered to go down there with clothes, but he just took off. And then blocked me. So whether he was ever even downstairs, I have no idea.

Oh, and then on Wednesday I had a guy I've met up with on a previous occasion (although, I'll be honest, I only slightly remember him) had been hitting on me pretty hard and was all set to come over, said he was going to take a shower and just vanished into the ether. I did send him a Christian Bale inspired "oh good for you, we are done professionally" (I've been listening to a lot of Hollywood Babble On lately... they do a bit... it's from his on-set rant during the Terminator movie) message... so

Seriously, what the fuck is my life?

Yes, I know, it's the price you pay for picking up randoms on the internet... but still... fuck.

Yesterday was a day full of food and haircut. We had a pizza lunch at The Nut House... usually we have morning tea to celebrate people's birthdays, but then there's so much food that we never feel like eating lunch. This time someone had the brilliant idea to cut out the middle man and make the morning tea into a lunch.

So twelve pizzas, six garlic breads, a box of donuts and several bottles of soft drink later...

I actually don't know how many pieces of pizza I ended up eating... I'm going to assume it was probably the better part of a whole pizza plus a bunch of garlic bread. By the time we were all finished eating we'd made it through eleven pizzas and five of the garlic breads.

Then there were some of those decadent Nutella filled donuts from the bakery in North Adelaide... I didn't have one during lunch but I did stick one on my desk for later in the afternoon. It was amazing, but a big, big, big mistake. I had far too much sugar rushing around in my system to be able to make brain things for the rest of the afternoon, and didn't feel like eating any dinner when I got home.

Fortunately I had to head out and see a very, very, very pregnant Tink to get my hair did. It was my second to last haircut before the baby's due... in fact, my next haircut is Tink's last appointment before the baby's due.

It was pretty standard as these things go... hair, shorter and blonder... talk, much of a general nature... pregnant belly, damn huge.

And that's really about it... I don't tend to get to into any exciting adventures while I'm at work since I don't actually leave the office, even at lunch. Which, I'll be honest, I always used to think people were crazy for doing, but it is saving me a ton of money bringing my lunch.

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