mostly perfunctory saturday shopping

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Today was a bit of a perfunctory Saturday. There really doesn't feel like there's very much to report.

We were both running a little bit late this morning, which is usually better than just one of us, so we got to the supermarket a little late.

Then there was the usual shopping adventures, although we seemed to do 90% of the shopping in the fruit and veg section and the meat section and then 10% everywhere else.

When we were done with supermarketry we did a wander around Target before heading back here.

Neither of us really had any urgent errands we needed to run, but I did want to see if Big W had the new series of Lego Mixels, so we headed down to Arndale.

Trips to Arndale never last particularly long, so we did the usual circuit, I grabbed the Mixels, Ma found a top she liked and it took me as long to go through the self serve checkouts as it took her to go through the regular ones. And that's just not right.

After we were finished at Arndale we came back to North Adelaide along Prospect Road and stopped off to have a look at Honeysuckle Lane, which is now jointly named KAB101 Lane, and all the previous artwork has been replaced with works by KAB101. While it's nice to see a street artist get such high profile recognition, and while I do love a lot of KAB's work, I kind of miss the range of pieces that used to be there... as well as the fact that one of my favourite Benzo pieces (albeit a very faded piece the last time I visited... but it was my iPhone and laptop wallpaper for the longest time) is gone.

We also had a poke around a couple of vintage/antique stores on Prospect Road... and I was three quarters tempted to buy an old Box Brownie camera, but it would have just been a decorator item, and while it was cute, I really didn't love it to death, so after carrying it around the store for ten minutes I walked out without it.

From there we took a detour to Perrymans to grab some lunch, and then to the North Adelaide Village for a couple of things we didn't get earlier.

Then, after we came back here we had some lunch and then Ma wandered off on her merry way.

So, yeah... we didn't really set the world on fire or anything.

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