blue traveller template

blue traveller template
This wasn't where I was originally going for this year's winter template... my plan was to do an updated version of the green minifig template... and also to do a new version of the accessories template that I could use as my Twitter banner.

That would have been fine if the photos had worked out... but they just didn't... so instead this idea crept into my head during the week, and I like how it ended up.

It's LT with the Computer Programmer's laptop, the Fashionista's mobile phone, the camera I bought a whole set just to get, the Karate Master's gold trophy, the Sumo Wrestler's bronze trophy and the Soccer Player's silver trophy.

And even though I'm not a giant coffee drinker I had to sneak the coffee cup from The Lego Movie in there.

little traveller blue
I also bumped up the font by a serious order of magnitude since I had all that empty blue space to fill.

Pretty sure that's not going to be a regular thing, but we'll see when Spring rolls around.

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