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This week started off a little mental, then got dull in the middle and then ramped up again at the end of the week.

I kinda lost last Sunday... I started out cleaning up around the house in the morning, lost over an hour to disassembling, cleaning and then reassembling the ergonomic keyboard I use at work (it was horrendously filthy and filled with crumbs and fluff... now it's clean and lovely and great to type on again), then got involved in taking photos of my Lego minifigs for the blog's Winter template and before I knew it it was 4pm and I had very little to show for the day's efforts (not even photos because they all came out a little soft and grainy due to low light... so I'm going to have to do that all again, possibly next Monday since it's a public holiday).

I did make Rocky Road on Sunday though, and then cut it up so I could take it to work (well, half of it, a large portion of the other half is still in my fridge) on Monday. It took The Nut House a grand total of two days to get 90% of the way through the rather sizeable container.

Monday was also a little out of the ordinary for reasons other than taking Rocky Road to work. After I hauled that and the keyboard into work, I turned around and headed down to Burger Theory by special invitation to give their breakfast menu a test. In a word, YUM... especially the egg and sausage burger with the spicy, spicy BBQ sauce. I wasn't completely sure about the addition of lettuce and tomato (and I'd still like to try one without the lettuce and with cheese instead), but it added a nice texture element. The sauce was definitely the best part though. The potato cake/hash brown was different from any hash brown I've had before as it was mashed potato rather than shredded/grated potato and it was missing a little bit of the crispness you usually get with hash browns, but overall it was very tasty.

It did mean that I ended up having First and Second Breakfast (albeit a couple of hours apart), so I was very full and had a late lunch. Then on Tuesday I had First Lunch (the soup I brought from home) and Second Lunch (pizza shared with The Nut House... too much pizza in fact... and not really good pizza either).

I also chased up the whole "electricity company" issue from Friday... in the end I just went with Origin, path of least resistance and all that... and since AGL had one job and managed to screw that up, plus didn't answer my call on Friday, they can go and get knotted. Doubly so because they followed me on Twitter after I had a brief rant on Friday but never bothered to actually make contact. Social media 101 guys, come on.

The new lights that I ordered to replace the ones over my bed arrived on Tuesday... I kind of expected them on Monday, since I got the "we tried to deliver this but you weren’t here" message on Friday and filled out the "yes, I know but you can leave it on my doorstep" form on their website Friday night. They look pretty fancy... all Japanese inspired and fitting into the general colour scheme in my bedroom much more (which is generally black and white). Plus it's a bonus to have a full string of lights lit up, since I accidentally yanked the cord out of half of the old set, so it only half lit up.

Work ramped up somewhat in the latter half of the week... It was going to eventually, but it was good to have a lot of things to do rather than one or two with gaps in between (which is a slight exaggeration).

My work based FOMO has been tempered somewhat by other people having lots of very long meetings, but at the same time I feel a little behind the proverbial 8-ball not knowing all the things that would be useful to know.

We also had two departures and one arrival at work... one of the departures was expected, Banger is off on a holiday/unpaid leave for a few months, the other was the Big Boss... she didn't win her current position and was unceremoniously dropped like the proverbial hot potato. So that sucks some serious balls.

The arrival I'm not sure about yet... I think she bugs me but she's only been here for a week.

In non-work related news...

This week I finally got around to starting Sports Night, the first of the Aaron Sorkin teevee shows. It's been interesting to jump around with the four series, first The West Wing then The Newsroom, Studio 60 and finishing up by going all the way back to Sports Night. It's doubly interesting because three of the four shows centre around the production of a teevee show.

Sorkin also clearly likes going back to the same actors time and time again as the same faces pop up in more than one series. You can also see the ideas develop as the shows progress which is kind of neat, especially between Sports Night and The Newsroom as the two shows at either end of the timeline but at the same time the two shows closest together in theme.

The only thing that bugs me about Sports Night is the use of a laugh track... it's incredible jarring in a Sorkin show (I didn't realise it was even there until about halfway through the first episode and even then I wasn't sure if I was hearing things), and completely unnecessary, even though the humour is at times a little broader than it is in any of the other shows.

I also haven't really gone back to it since Monday... partly because I lost a whole evening midway through the week being sucked into the seemingly never-ending black hole of The Fine Brothers' YouTube channel and their Teens React and YouTubers React videos... they have other ones, but those are the ones I really enjoyed.

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