saturday with bowerbird and fresh air

bowerbird market may 2014
Sometimes you can have too much if a good thing... not often, you understand, but sometimes.

I think I had too much fresh air today, and now I'm all sleepy.

One of the good things about having more space in my apartment is that weirdly it seems easier to keep tidy. I'm guessing it's the "place for everything, everything in it's place" thing, and the fact that with more room than the old place everything is more spread out anyway so it doesn't look as messy.

That's the long way around of saying that it doesn't take me very much time or effort to get the place looking ship-shape on a Saturday morning.

It was a decidedly chilly morning, so I dug out one of my scarves and headed downstairs to wait for Ma. I've obviously officially broken my streak of finding Ma down there, but it wasn't too long before she rocked up and we headed off to the supermarket.

Food, blah blah blah... options to cook in colder weather, blah blah blah... it's good when the checkout girl knows how to pack a bag, blah blah blah.

So, you know, pretty much the same as usual.

After I unpacked we headed off to Bowerbird.

This particular one kind of snuck up on us... I knew that it was coming up, but it was only when Ma texted me yesterday to ask that I realised it was on this weekend.

There were some new vendors, but I did notice that you could pretty much sum up the layout according to the following... quirky cards, fashion items, jewellery, homewares (mostly lamps and cushion covers/tea towels). Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just noticed it more this time than I have in the past.

And Ma continued her ongoing project of collecting a few quirky cards from various stalls to give to La Cousina. She may have gotten a little carried away... well, it felt that way while we were there, but looking at the cards afterwards it didn't actually look that bad.

At one of the stalls I was flicking through the cards on offer and came across a couple of designs that looked vaguely familiar... so I turned the card over, looked on the back, and yep, the artwork was by Luka Va... who made the black and white Munny I bought from the first Espionage vinyl toy show.

I mentioned that to her and we had a lovely conversation about it... turns out that that little Munny did some travelling... she finished it while she was camping and then varnished it and sent it off while staying with friends in Sydney. I always like to hear those "behind the scenes" stories about artworks... makes it more interesting and more personal.

We also stopped off to see Mim at Four Seeds, because brownies!

The Red Door Bakery crew were noticeably absent this time around with their gorgeous gourmet sausage rolls and pies... but there was a nice patisserie, Abbot and Kinney, so we picked up something sweet and tasty.

There really wasn't very much that was ringing our proverbial bells beyond the cards, so we pretty much only did a couple of laps before we headed off.

After our Easter kite related excursion, we'd decided that we should head out to the beach and take our kites along with us (since Ma did have either of hers with us last time). Finding the appropriate bit of beach was somewhat problematic, only because the tide was further in than was really helpful, but eventually we settled on Glenelg North.

And that's where too much of a good thing really comes in, because while there was LOTS of wind... which is always good for kites... it was a little too much, and a little too gusty. Ma was having trouble with her kite, which just snaps open and is held open by it's own magic fabulousness... or, you know, wind and air pressure and stuff... but it kept collapsing in on itself. Weirdly, that didn't stop it from staying in the air.

I started out with my big white kite, but that seemed determined to head over the rocks and up towards the road, when it wasn't crashing to the beach or just misbehaving. Fortunately I'd taken the smaller flame sled kite but I think I had it inside out so it was flying sideways and doing loop the loops... exciting, but very crashy.

When I turned it the right way around it behaved really well. I did get the string and tails tangled at some point, which was totally my own fault, but was a little frustrating trying to get it sorted out with the wind whipping along.

Eventually we gave up, Ma had tried her little bird kite, but that has a high misbehaviour quotient and she couldn't get it to do what she wanted.

So we headed down to Glenelg, and headed into the spectacularly renovated Orange Spot Bakery... seriously, it went from about a 2 to about a 9... granted they also bought the shop next door and knocked some walls out, so the space is about three times as big, but it's very chic... especially for a bakery.

I got the chicken and bacon kransky... and what I didn't expect was that it would actually have a slice of bacon wrapped around the kransky. It was very tasty!

We wandered down to the beach to eat our goodies, which was incredibly windy, but that's really how I prefer my beach experiences... cold, stormy, windy and predominantly deserted.

Once we were finished we had a bit of a wander up Jetty Road, and then headed back here.

It doesn't sound like all that much, but by the time we made it back here it was already 3pm. So a fairly full day... with fresh air and everything.

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