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Despite yesterday evening's somewhat drunken escapades, I bounced back pretty well this morning even though I woke up at 5:30am and couldn't really get back to sleep for the 45 mins before my alarm went off.

I'd say that I was maybe about 15% hungover... a little rough around the edges, but pretty functional over all.

That's the bonus to being a cheap drunk, it doesn't take much to get me plastered, so my body doesn't have that much to recover from.

I was still running somewhat behind by the time Ma got to my place though, but that was more because I was screwing around instead of getting ready.

But once I was ready we trundled off to the supermarket. Given that I went through almost all of the vegetables I bought last week on Sunday when I made the mother and father of all vegetable soups, so this week's shopping was definitely a bumper haul, especially because I'm planning on making an equally huge pot of stew tomorrow to give me lunches for at least the first half of next week. Generally I can do the same thing for lunch for about three days before I get sick of it, so it should all work out okay.

And fortunately this time I remembered all the things that I forgot to buy last week.

We also took a spin around Target as they were having a store-wide sale, so I picked up a few things... DVDs for Ma for her birthday, some socks and a couple of Lego sets, one just because and one for my desk at work. It was good to be able to do a little arbitrary spending without having to over-analyse it.

After stopping off on the way back here to pick up my dry-cleaning, there was the mammoth unpacking session and then we headed into the city as I wanted to hit T2 and we decided on the city so I could also check out the Great Balls of Fire lights at Bimbo.

When we got there the store was kind of packed with people, at least for the number of staff they have. And as much as I love T2... and I love it a lot... their graphic design choice to use white font no matter how pale the packaging colour is for that particular tea doesn't especially help when you're trying to find a particular tea in a large and somewhat dark store.

Also, would it kill them to put up some larger signs denoting what tea is in what area? Here is chai, here is green and white tea, here are the fruit tisanes, etc.

I wanted some of their Silver Needles white tea since I thoroughly enjoyed the sample packet I got when I bought my teacup. And Rockchick from work sent me on a mission to get her a big bag of green tea and a big bag of chai tea.

And of course, because I have severe champagne tastes (as in if something is expensive I'll like it, not because it's expensive, but in spite of that usually) a pack of the white tea cost the same as each of the other teas, but was a fifth the size.

I do like hanging out in T2 stores though, even with the lack of appropriate signage... they have a good vibe, and the one on Rundle Street is actually pretty spacious and has lots of cool displays full of funky teapots and teacups, plus they have all those samples of whatever blend is hot right now or cold, depending.

Once we were done in T2 and I'd spend an inordinately large amount of money (over half of which I'll get back on Monday at work), we wandered over to Bimbo... sadly they didn't have the lights I want, but that's okay, because internet.

We also had a quick look in Bauhaus... which is always a nice place to look, but I never feel particularly compelled or overly interested in buying anything from them.

As we headed back to the car we spotted the Bikes and Baristas event on Ebenezer Place for the Velo Fringe, and more specifically we spotted the Four Seeds stall... which is essentially like crack to us now. So we grabbed a couple of brownies and had a look around the event before calling it quits and heading back to the car.

Since it was only about lunchtime, we decided to drive out to Arndale... for no particular purpose, just as a thing to do. And that's pretty much what it was... something to do. I've been vaguely looking for a new jacket, something that's both work appropriate, casual enough for weekend wear and actually fits me properly. These three criteria are not easy to come by in a single jacket. Suffice to say I didn't find one at Arndale.

Mostly we just did the same circuit we always do and then called it a day.

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