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Hulloooooo! I'm a wee bit tispy, so this will probably be shortish and sweetish.

Starting with tonight and working backwards... we had a night at the pub after work partly to celebrate my return to The Nuthouse and other things that are reasons. We got there at around 4:20, I had beers that were an indeterminate number that was more than three and less than six, as well as a lemonade... and at the end it was me, H-San and Owlgirl, and I gave up at about 8:30... so a decent evening of drinking was had.

The second week of work was much like the first, only less scattered and for some reason seemed soooooo much longer. It also felt decidedly like all the work weeks that came before it... that whole "everything new is old again" or something.

I also suffered through about half of the week with a blocked ear... a little bit like it has before, although now quite as bad as the last time, but I spent the first three days of the week functionally deaf in my right ear, before I Googled some remedies and discovered the "vinegar and alcohol" one, which has worked remarkably well, at least until I go to bed and sleep on that ear. But at least I can hear for the majority of the time.

At some point earlier this week... Monday evening maybe, I kept hearing a random noise... and I couldn't work out where the hell it was coming from, partly because I didn't have full biaural hearing at the time. But eventually I discovered that it was water dripping from the crown moulding over the door... water dripping from the ceiling is never good, especially since it hadn't rained since that morning, at least as far as I was aware. The following morning I made a phone call to my land agent and he and the plumber came out while I was at work... turns out the guttering above my apartment door has rusted through (probably with all that torrential rain we had a few weeks back) so it will need to be replaced. Fortunately it hasn't been dripping since, but I've been keeping my eye one it just in case.

And I got paid this week... I've missed that feeling of taking money out of the bank and still having more in there than was in there the last time you took money out.

I'm sure there are other things, but nothing that springs to mind or is worth sharing... so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to drag my tired and tipsy ass to bed.

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