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This week started off fairly badly but ended pretty damn well.

I was finding it very difficult to get out of my own way at the beginning of the week regarding doing anything about looking for work... as I said last week, I just wanted work, but I didn't want to go through the process. But then on Wednesday I got a call from H-San... and I'm going back to The Nuthouse.

They need someone who can hit the ground running, and since it's a legacy system that was pretty damn specialised to begin with, I'm pretty much the top name on a very, very short list.

It's essentially going to be doing exactly the same stuff I was doing before... and even though it's been eight months since I walked away it sounds like although a number of details have changed, it's all pretty much the same.

cutting acrosspaddling out
Thankfully one of the main differences is a change of location, so it's not like having to walk straight back into the same environment.

And on the plus side, I'm in a place both mentally and emotionally that is 9000% times better than were I was last September.

At this stage it's only until the end of January next year... whether that turns into something more, who knows, but it's happened before, otherwise it means that I have nine months to get my shit together again. And I'll be getting paid (and saving as much of it as humanly possible).

I also had a photoblog published on Already Home at the beginning of this week, with photos from the Riverbank Photo Wandering post last month. I did come up with some more words around my walk in general for the Already Home... and I was actually somewhat surprised when I realised that I've been doing that walk on again and off again for the last seven years.

walking down the waveride to the left
I've gone through all of my other photos too and culled out around 100 that may make an appearance in photoblogs later... or I may take myself off to take some new shots one weekend.

Because I also had to head into the city yesterday, I swung past Burger Theory to try their revamped version of the Be Friendly Burger from 2012's Art Burger series. It's been so long since I had the previous version that I can't remember exactly how it tasted, but the new one was pretty damn tasty.

Then I came home and made split pea and ham soup from scratch and pretty much invented out of my own head. In truth it was vegetable soup that I just added split peas to after soaking them all day and some "soup ham" I got last weekend from the supermarket (which I also used in about four other things during the week).

It perhaps wasn't as thick and creamy as regular pea and ham soup, but as always I was pretty damn pleased with myself when I make soup out of my head.

swell silhouettesurf turn
And I fell completely in love with white tea this week... I got a little sample sachet of it from T2 when I bought my teacup. It also made more cups of tea than I was expecting before it finally ran out of steam.

Today was the perfect day for staying indoors... which indeed I did... it rained pretty much non-stop all day long and was wonderfully grey and best suited to eating leftover soup, wearing my onesie and working my way through Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip series from 2006.

That man seriously knows his way around a TV show... and just words in general. And even though it's only one season, I'm still loving it to pieces. And not just because it contains actors from The West Wing.

Thankfully I also got my hands on his other series, Sports Night, so I'll have to see how that one is.

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