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Coming home after work was a little bit like Christmas... there were three "we tried to deliver your parcel" messages in my mailbox... granted one of them was a private company which I won't get until Monday, but I did get my parcel from Bonds and one of my inexpensive eBay purchases.

Of course the good also came along with a letter from Origin saying that they were providing my electricity. My first response was "what the actual fuck", since I moved my account with AGL over from the old apartment and have the paperwork to prove it.

But after some investigation it turns out that somebody at AGL fucked up and I've just randomly been getting electricity without having an account for five months now, and nobody bothered to tell me about it til now. Like seriously, what the fuck? Is that any way to run a business? We'll just give you free electricity without asking you to pay. I mean I got a message from them within a couple of weeks about the extra gas supply (which only just got fixed, so now there's this drama), why did the electricity thing take so long.

My first reaction was to say that I didn't want an Origin electricity account, I've always been with AGL and so I just automatically assumed that I'd stick with them, but given that when I tried to call their call centre at 5:05pm tonight I ended up at the emergency contact number, as their accounts department had all gone home. Again I say "what the fucking fuckitty fuck?". That and the fact that they completely fucked up the ONE JOB that they had (ie transfer my account to the new apartment) makes me think I should just switch over to Origin.

At least they answer the phone when you call.

I also went looking for a birthday card for Ma at lunchtime... it was a late lunch, so you'd think the shops would have been quiet... but no, I managed to want service in places where there was only one staff member and someone being served who just had to ask all the dumb questions and take a million years.

So while I got a card, I gave up on the other thing I was looking for. And I'm not completely sure about it anyway. Permit me to think aloud for a moment... I want to get Ma something to say thank you for everything she did while I wasn't working... and trust me, it was a lot. Every day after work I walk past this place that's basically full of random tchotchkes, including the Willow Tree figures, which Ma already has a few of. So I was thinking about one of those... but I can't find one that says what I want it to say and also is something Ma would like the look of.

Clearly if I'm not sure about it there must be something better out there somewhere... but I only have a week before her birthday.

Hopefully inspiration will strike sometime next week.

Otherwise, it's been a fairly average week... average in so much as I've pretty much settled back into the groove at work. This week hasn't been as busy as the first two weeks, but it's going to get busier in the not too distant future so I'm enjoying the quiet. I am having to battle with my own internal need to know everything that's going on and wanting to be included though, since there's a bunch of stuff going on that I'm not involved in and not supposed to be... it still makes my brain itch though.

And that's kind of it really for this week...

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