photo friday: blue friday

blue wave bathing boxblue wave falls

blue water heronblue and gold shapes

blue playground pinsblue onion dome

blue brick monsterblue sky lines
You really wouldn't expect that a week that started out at 30°C with me wearing shorts would end at 12°C with torrential rain and me wearing a onesie (shut up, it's warmer and more comfortable).

And after living on the ground floor of a two storey apartment block for so long, it's a bit of an adjustment to actually hear rain on the roof... although when the rain picks up it does tend to sound like a herd of baby elephants dancing on the roof.

The new laptop is new and shiny and better in some ways and less good in others (most notably the transition from Photoshop to Photoshop Elements... it's a newer version, but it does less things)... and my fingers don't quite know their way around the keyboard properly, they keep skidding off the keys or hitting the wrong ones, especially the spacebar. That and the fact that wifi keeps flaking out, sometimes it's great all day and then suddenly it doesn't want to stay connected... although I'm not sure if that's more the laptop or my router or what the hell.

Fortunately moving my email from the old computer, while not as straightforward as I would have liked, actually turned out to be pretty painless.

Other than that my week has been, a little like the photos from this post, more than a little blue. I'm not going to go as far as suggesting actual depression, however I do seem to be suffering from a distinct case of being paralysed by indecision or general fear and perhaps more than a little inertia. I know what I need to be doing, but I'm freaked out by what will happen if I do, and if I don't.

Add to that the fact that I really, really don't know what the fuck I want beyond just wanting a paycheck... I mean give me a job and I'll do it... but I really don't want to go through the whole process between here and there.

So, yeah... blue.

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