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lego chima legend beast gorilla - da boxlego chima legend beast gorilla - outta da box
These Lego Chima Legend Beast sets are becoming something of an obsession... I can see myself ending up with the whole set, even though the lion seems too similar to the wolf and I don't really like the crocodile that much. It would be an interesting build though.

The Gorilla Beast set was a "Happy First Payday" present to myself after returning to work, and I decided to put it together yesterday afternoon.

lego chima legend beast gorilla - all sorted and ready to buildlego chima legend beast gorilla - gorzan suited up and ready to bash heads
There was actually supposed to be another photo of all the parts neatly knolled out, but it wouldn't upload for some unknown reason... fortunately I managed to get the laid out pieces in the background of the two shots of Gorzan.

I do quite like his little ape mask... and it's not just a repainted version of the Gorilla Suit Guy mask... or if it is, it looks completely different. And I also love his giant hammer.

The one thing I do wish was included in these sets was a storage spot for the weapons when the minifigs are in place on the beast, they all look a little silly carrying the weapons in situ.

lego chima legend beast gorilla - abs, hips and pelvislego chima legend beast gorilla - some sticker bling around the shoulders
The gorilla is a different build from either the eagle or the wolf if only because it's a vertical build rather than a horizontal one... first you build the abdomen, then the shoulders...

lego chima legend beast gorilla - now you see itlego chima legend beast gorilla - now it's a giant chest
Once the shoulders are in place, it's time to build the big barrel chest... oddly, given the stickers I thought that the minifig was going to perch on this side of the model, but he ended up on the back (which I also didn't get a shot of).

lego chima legend beast gorilla - headlesslego chima legend beast gorilla - growl
The head is one of my favourite pieces of this build... especially given that both the eyes and nose/mouth pieces are printed bricks and not stickers. Plus the head swivels really well.

lego chima legend beast gorilla - are those legs or vacuum cleaners?lego chima legend beast gorilla - standing tall
The legs are a little underdeveloped, especially after the wolf legs/claws and the eagle talons, these just feel like an afterthought.

Plus all of the gorilla's limbs have a weird range of motion... it's more a lateral range of motion than it is front to back, which doesn't allow for as much posing as it might otherwise of had if, say, the ball joints were part of the chest and the sockets were on the limbs.

lego chima legend beast gorilla - tickets to the gun showlego chima legend beast gorilla - gorilla smash
The arms did come out looking pretty nice... they're long enough so that he can actually lean forward and rest on them, which makes him much more stable than he might otherwise have been. Plus I'm a sucker for any set that includes the imaginatively named "Bad Robot Arm" pieces as fingers.

I also made a little stop motion video of this build on Instagram... it's not a piece by piece build, but it's not too bad for my first attempt.

Of the three Legend Beast sets I've made, this one probably comes in in last place, the eagle remains my favourite set, both from a build and finished look perspective but the wolf is pretty close behind. They are all nice little sets though, that are interesting to build and don't take up a ton of room once they're finished.

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