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warm bodies - he's still dead but he's getting warmer
Warm Bodies is proof that Nicholas Hoult is very, very attractive, even when he's (un)dead.

The story is part Romeo and Juliet and part Beauty and the Beast, although possibly a little more of the former, given that Hoult's zombie is called R and Teresa Palmer plays Julie, the object of his undead affections... and the two warring families are the humans and the zombies.

R is a very unusual zombie even at the start of the movie, providing a running internal monologue to what it's like to be one of the undead.

This isn't really what I would call a scary zombie movie though... it's very much in the comedy/romance/action genre ... I wouldn't call it a "rom/com" though.

There are some genuinely funny moments though.

And the zombie makeup/effects are excellent... they manage to make Hoult look sufficiently zombified, but he's still (as I mentioned at the beginning), very attractive.

Hoult also manages to invest a lot of personality in R, even before he really has one. Part of that is the often dryly funny monologue, but it's also his expressions and body language.

Palmer is a little bit vanilla as Julie... I don't know that it's her, I think it's more due to the fact that the humans generally are less developed characters than the zombies.

It's an interesting switch on the zombie genre though... where you really do feel more empathy for the undead than the living, and very, very quickly.

yani's rating: 3 bonies out of 5

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