somewhat dull pre-travel saturday shopping

sepia shopping
Let's see... the Saturday before we go to Sydney, when I'm going to be out of the house on Monday and Tuesday nights, and when we don't really have anything we wanted/needed to do...

So not really much of a Saturday shopping adventure.

We started as usual with the usual supermarket wandering... which much discussion of both my current employment related woes and the dramas with Ma's work.

So lots of cheerful conversation there.

Given all the news about South Australian company Spring Gully going into voluntary administration, Ma and I possibly went a little nuts about buying not only Spring Gully products, but also Beerenberg and Bickfords products... Spring Gully has been the only brand of both pickled onions and gherkins I've ever had since I was a kid.

I don't think we were the only people doing it though, since both of the places we looked were more or less picked clean, at least of the onions and pickles.

It'll be a shame if they do go under though.

I was also really disappointed in the Alpha + Omega briefs I got last week... the waistband elastic wasn't the greatest, even just from the feel of it, you could tell it had no real staying power to it. It was so bad that I actually had to take them off after a couple of hours.

It may be that I picked the wrong size, although they fit pretty nicely overall... it was just that they kept sliding down my butt... never a pleasant sensation.

But after tweeting my displeasure earlier, they got back to me and are going to send out a replacement pair in a

After the supermarket, we headed over to the bank to see if we could get our new accounts activated early... As is always the case with these things the bank has decided to finally merge the accounts/systems of our old bank with those of the bank who took over (after five years), and they're doing it on the Sunday that we're in Sydney.

Theoretically there shouldn't be an issue... but, you know...

And then we took a mostly pointless trip to Arndale, stopped off at Perrymans to get some yummy things and that was that...

But it's fine really since we'll be hanging out and doing lots of wandering around looking at things in shops at the end of next week.

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