photo friday: light and dark

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It's been a weird old week...

I come back from Sydney, have an extra day off, go back to work for a day, have the ANZAC Day public holiday off and then go back to work again for a day... and now it's the weekend.

I also managed to fit two sexual encounters into the 24 hours after we got back from Sydney that couldn't have been more different... one with a regular buddy that was quite animalistic and the other with a new guy that was very gentle, if a little strange. Having said that, they did share a certain aspect of role play that I seem to be much more comfortable with these days.

Other than that I've perhaps been suffering from a little bit of post-travel blues...

Alternatively it's the Coming Back To My Regular Life Blues... which probably amounts to about the same thing. Either way I'm hoping it doesn't last all that long. I also need to give myself a kick in the pants to get things organised around the house, and especially to get started on organising my bookshelves.

Today I think I spent most of the day talking to people... both work related and not, but every time I needed to speak with anybody it turned into a giant conversation... not that there was much else going on... but still... it was a weird old day.

It feels like there's a whole list of things that I have on my mental to-do list... or possibly there's just a whole raft of things that I need to do tomorrow that are all miles apart.

I watched The NeverEnding Story on teevee tonight... and I was getting all choked up within the first few minutes... I mean the effects are seriously dated, I wasn't half as affected by the death of Atreyu's horse than I remember being previously, but pretty much everything with Bastian killed me.

I also wouldn't be surprised if that movie screwed up a lot of kids in my generation... it's a very dark story, even if it has some positive things to say about imagination and giving power to the powerless... but it's darker than I remember.

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