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It's now about 11 days until Ma and I head off to Sydney.

And weirdly, it seems like a number of things are just falling out of the ether and into my/our lap/s regarding this trip.

Firstly, we went with a different, fancier hotel, but somehow Ma managed to get the rooms for a ridiculously cheap rate directly from the hotel. Hopefully they're not going to be rooms that face onto nothing or onto weird internal parts of the hotel.

Then right after I booked the flights I was looking around for things that might be on during that period of time and, as I mentioned back in February, found out that they're playing Pirates of the Caribbean at the Opera House with a live orchestra, so that was definitely a thing we had to do.

Last week I was just randomly having a look through the Lifescouts badges, and realised that there is one for visiting an observatory, which I haven't ever done. But there's an observatory in Sydney up on top of the hill next to the Harbour Bridge (we did go and look around at Observatory Park on our last trip to Sydney, but didn't visit the observatory itself). And it's not very expensive to go on a night visit, so we're going to do that this time... and that will be my first Lifescouts badge to be attained for something I haven't already done in my past.

Today, right after I booked the trip to the observatory, I was flicking through my RSS feeds and one of the Lego blogs I follow had a post announcing that the Sydney Brick Show is on from April 20-28... we're in Sydney from April 18-22... so that lines up kinda perfectly. And given that it's the CBD, and this tickets were really cheap, we're all booked in for the opening day.

One of the other things I kind of wanted to do this trip was go further afield... and Manly was on my list of possible locations. Ma wanted to see if we could catch up with one of my Second Christmas cousins (ie the only person from Second Christmas I'm actually related to by blood) who lives in Sydney with his family.

That did kind of seem as though it would be a big pain in the ass, given they were out in the "burbs"... but when I was on the phone to Ma earlier, I looked it up and worked out it's literally less than ten minutes from Manly... so I suggested to Ma that we could meet them in Manly for breakfast/brunch on Sunday morning (it seemed the most painless option).

Now I just need to workshop a plan for the Surry Hills/Newtown/St Peters destinations I have on my list of places to visit... hopefully I can work up a little serendipity there too.

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