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This has been a very weird short week...

Tuesday felt like Monday, except it was also Movie Night... but instead of going to Arndale, we went to the Picadilly in my neighbourhood.

Wednesday Owl Girl's boyfriend was getting a tattoo, which led to much tattoo related discussion and general mental space being taken up by thoughts of me and tattoos.

Which kind of culminated in an embryonic idea for a half sleeve tattoo on my right arm... involving the work of Benzo, Gary Seaman, Cameron Brideoake and another street artist. It'll involve actually commissioning individual pieces (and possibly very, very specific pieces) to make up a whole sleeve, I'm just completely sure of the exact thing I want from a couple of them. I know I want a piece of their work, just not the details.

So it's a musing thing... granted I've mused on tattoo things before and nothing has ever come of it, but I'm thinking if I commission things, it might spur the impulse.

Thursday I went to the new Rundle Plaza for the first time. It feels very... Sydney. Or else it feels like every other update of the suburban malls. I like that there's a Swatch store... I like that there's going to be an Apple Store even though I probably won't really buy anything from there... but the rest of it just feels like clothes, clothes and more clothes.

And the seating in the food court is a little... lacking. It needs more areas for people to sit alone, especially given that their major customers will be office workers.

But Harris Scarfes looks excellent, and I hated the old one.

Then Thursday evening I went off to Espionage Gallery for Gary Seaman and Scatterbrain's combined exhibition. Sadly, the piece I loved the most was already sold before the show even started, but that didn't stop me from buying a couple of smaller pieces.

One thing I did notice after I stood back and observed the pieces as a whole was that they were actually part of one giant image... individual elements are continued across multiple artworks, even if it's a very small part of some pieces. And half of the pieces were in pink, purple and lime green while the other half were blue, orange and turquoise.

And then there was today.

Today was fucking nuts.

Especially at the end of this afternoon where I was trying to do two things for two separate groups of people literally five minutes before I was due to walk out the door. And it also seems that Monday is going to be nuts, and it also looks like there's a bunch of extra work coming our way which won't be difficult, but somewhat dull.

On the upside, Burger Theory showed up pretty much a block away from work, so that was nice. And they're supposed to be showing up in the same spot for the next couple of weeks.

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