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This has been a rough week.

And not in the general sense where I normally complain about my week, this one has been... well, not quite brutal, but approaching that.

Monday was draining but at least it was busy... granted there was a lot of running around because people can never just make a decision and stick to it, and people like to invent drama where there isn't any. But essentially I spent the whole day working on the same group of things.

Thursday was the problem.

I don't want to go into explicit details, but the short(er) version is that my contract expires in July, there's only a 50% chance that the six contract positions are going to be advertised as permanent jobs, but if they are, they're at the level below my current level.

So not only is it a demotion, but at least two other permanent staff who are currently on the same level are having their levels increased. Essentially it's a massive kick in the face.

And instead of actually having a conversation with me/us about this, they just chose to send out the updated job description and ask if there was anything missing. To which I fired back an email describing the aforementioned kick in the face and the fact that if that was the case I didn't know if I was even interested in applying for the job. Yes, it was a gut reaction, but also an honest one.

I sent that email at 8am. It took until about 2pm before anybody even spoke to me about it. Six hours, and you couldn't flick me a reply saying... well, anything? That you're talking to the boss and you'd get back to me, that you understand how I was feeling, that you're sorry that you didn't tell me about this before springing it on me like this?

Granted, when I did talk to the boss later I was able to unload a bunch of stuff that's been on my mind that's kind of been around for a while and helped inform my reaction. And she suggested that I take the rest of the afternoon off, which was nice.

But, you know what, I'm still angry. And resentful. And for a myriad of reasons, both due to the situation itself and the way people handled it.

And given the amount of crap and bad decision making that's going on at present, I really don't know if I want to keep working there. Unfortunately it kind of comes down to a choice between an often frustrating job that I know how to do versus not having a job at all... and then having to start over again somewhere else.

Sometimes I wish I was the type of person who could just pick up and relocate their entire life to a whole new city... although having a look at the rental prices around Sydney probably would have killed that idea even if I was.

I hadn't intended to head off to Fork On The Road today as it was in Light Square, which is a bit of a hike from work, but when I walked out the door to go to lunch I knew that I needed a walk, so I wandered on down.

I get why they set the vans up essentially back to back... but I much prefer it when they're arranged around the square in question and you can just wander from one to another.

I went back to Archie the Pastizzi Bus and had a couple of pastizzi, including one of their sweet pastizzi, which was very nice. And I tried an arepa from Sabor Catering, which was both very unusual and very tasty.

And I also ran into Ma and some of her workmates... right on the day that she stops working in the city and goes back to her old worksite. It's good for her in that it's closer to home, but it's perhaps not so great overall.

Seriously, our trip to Sydney next week cannot fucking come fast enough.

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