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It felt like we did far more than we actually did today... possibly because we spent a large chunk of the day fighting against the tide of humanity that found a variety of ways to get in the way.

It started out reasonably okay, with the usual supermarketry shenanigans although there was some general time wastage both before and after since Ma wanted to update the iOS on her iPhone before we head to Sydney in a couple of weeks.

And it always takes longer than you remember it taking...

Anyway, once we were done with unpacking and whatnot we headed down to the Adelaide College of Arts in Light Square to check out the Adelaide Mini Maker Faire.

Granted it was only a "mini" faire, but I was perhaps a tiny bit underwhelmed. There was some interesting stuff, but mostly it just seemed to be overwhelmingly 3D printing or electronics of some sort.

And it was mostly examples of things rather than being finished items that you could buy (there were a few, but not many) or easy ways you could start with different kinds of making... kits or the like.

There was also a lot of somewhat strange folk wandering around... on both sides of the tables. And also lots of people just standing and staring at things which made it difficult to see everything properly.

I also saw Rob and Deane from The Curiosity Show who were there doing a talk and also selling copies of a DVD of selected episodes of their show. If I could have thought of something to say beyond sounding like a complete dork, I might have spoken to them, since they were a much beloved part of my childhood... but instead I just smiled as we walked past due to the aforementioned dorkery.

After we wandered around for a while we headed down to Rundle Mall so Ma could check out Rundle Place (which was even more seething with people than it was when I visited on Thursday)... and my previous thoughts stand.

We did check out Colin & Co, the little cafe on the Grenfell Street side, which wasn't bad. But then it got invaded by little old ladies in red hats and purple outfits, so we wandered around to Espionage to check out Gary and Scatterbrain's exhibition and chat with Josh.

That was probably the most restful part of the whole afternoon.

Then we braved the crowds again and wandered back to the car and then headed off to the Haighs Visitors Centre to trawl through their post Easter items and pick up some packs of broken Easter eggs. I don't know why, but I kinda prefer buying the broken ones after Easter than I would getting the same amount of chocolate as intact eggs.

And then it was back here to finish off the update of Ma's iPhone.

I'm officially knackered now though...

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