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This has been one of those Saturdays where it feels like you have a million and one things to do, but it turns out that nothing takes a quarter as much time as you expect it to.

Ma was off getting her hair did this morning, so I was doing the supermarket run on my own... which always means that it doesn't take all that long... I just put my headphones on, crank up whatever I happened to be listening to at the time and motor up and down the aisles.

Then I headed home, unpacked everything and made my way through the majority of the paper by the time that Ma turned up.

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The first destination on the list was the Festival Theatre, to check out the Oi You Urban Art Festival.

I have to say that I was spectacularly underwhelmed by the art... very little of it was to my taste, and to be honest, I think Banksy, which was the major "drawcard", is spectacularly overrated.

This weekend is also the "The Great $5000 Art Giveaway" (which works out to around $132 per artwork)... and while I didn't really care about getting my hands on one, once we got there my competitive nature kicked in and I wandered all around the Festival Plaza looking for one of the little rectangular tokens. Me, and just about every other man, woman and child around the Festival Theatre.

I didn't find one.

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Next up we walked down to Victoria Square to check out The Tunnels art exhibition in, unsurprisingly, the tunnels under the Adina Grand Hotel.

Other than some quirky Dan Withey pieces, it was a little bit average... and for some reason I kind of expected it to be much more... tunnelly... it was a cool location and all (I can see a really intimate Fringe show being put on down there), and I liked the way they'd used the framework to hang the art on, but again, it was a little bit underwhelming.

On our way out of the city we stopped briefly at Her Majesty's so that I could photograph the Anthony Lister piece on the back of the building. I think I'll need to go back during the week when it's overcast...

Our last stop was The Annex Cafe in Glenelg to pick up my Tristan Kerr piece from his show at the end of March.

It also meant that I could scope out the Vans The Omega piece on the side of the cafe.

After I picked up the artwork, we grabbed a drink and then wandered down Jetty Road to the beach and along the jetty for a while.

And that was about it... I think we actually spent more time travelling between locations than we actually did doing the things we went to those locations for.

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