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I shaved off the proto-beard yesterday... it lasted for either 23 or 26 days (I can't actually remember when/if I shaved during the week after Christmas). It was straggley, half-assed and only looked good from certain angles.

Can somebody point me in the general direction of this post if I ever say I'm growing another full beard?

Also, I fucking hate Summer/hot weather more than I can possibly articulate...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Rivals :: Affection
  2. Automatically :: Upgraded
  3. Bathroom :: Shower
  4. Jerk :: Off
  5. Preference :: Sexual
  6. Parenting :: Half-assed
  7. Helmet :: Viking
  8. Wave :: Dancer
  9. Judo :: Chop
  10. Flat tire :: RAA
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