headachey saturday shopping

i can totally sympathiseOn the up side, my cold seems to be on the way out... on the down side I've had a headache or just general head pain for most of the day. Not big, painful, throbbing head pain... but irritating, dull head pain. Normally I'd scoff at the idea that it was caused by the weather... but today has been a filthy day... hot, humid, windy... but with the promise of a change on the way.

I don't know... I just know that it's not right.

Actually the whole of today has mostly been "not right". I woke up in the midst of a horrible dream about Ma. Thinking about it after I woke up it seemed very much like one of those "everything and the kitchen sink" dreams, and the series of events that happened were completely nonsensical , but the last bit was horrible and made me ring Ma a little later just to hear her voice.

And my proto-beard has been giving me the shits all day... not so much the beard bit, but the moustache bit. Hopefully when I shake this headache and the weather improves, it might stop annoying me, otherwise I don't see it lasting past Monday morning.

Fortunately the shopping part of the day went off without a hitch more or less (other than the aforementioned annoyances)... oh and the fact that the new series of Lego minifigures hasn't been released yet... I know we're only a week into January... but c'mon.


Once we'd finished with the groceries we headed out to Arndale, mostly so I could get another storage box for the toy soldiers under my bed. Almost all of it is away... but there's bits left over and multiple boxes. I'm pretty sure the one I ended up getting is the exact same size as the one I originally got for them... so it should fit a shitload of stuff.

After that we headed into the city... mostly because I couldn't face going all the way out to Marion again... although we really didn't have much of a plan beyond looking in Myer and David Jones for cheap (but still decent) Christmas leftovers.

And we found some... not much, since a lot of the leftovers are always crap no matter how much they originally cost... but some nice bits and pieces.

We also went into Toys R Us... man, going into any store that's in the process of closing down is always depressing, but when they've moved everything down to one area and about half of that is missing as well, it just looks sad.

Then we stopped for some sushi and juice before heading back here.

And now I'm watching the rain pelt the courtyard and trying to pump the cool outside air inside using just about every trick in the book.

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MonkeyBrains said...

Morning. Sounds like an eventful day and yes, walking into a nearly empty place, such as a store closing down for good, is not the best feeling. It's like you can feel the emptiness surround you. Or at least that's how it affects me. :)

Found your blog this morning and plan to catch up on prior posts to this one this w/end. Thanks for sharing!



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