first day back at work

bondi pirate... arrr beastman @ bondiReturning back to the daily routine... it's a bit of a wrench.

After ten days of leave, it felt very strange to be getting up to an alarm, going to the gym and heading into work.

In fact, the ten days felt like at least twice that long... like I'd been on leave for ages and ages. Or it did until I got to my desk at work... then it felt like I'd never been away.

I was incredibly thankful for the air-conditioning at the gym, on the bus and at work (although the air-con at work always struggles a bit when it's humid) after the last few days of struggling with the heat.

First order of business was packing up my Christmas tree and sorting through all my emails (fortunately most of them were just things I needed to file in appropriate folders). Then there was all the catching up that goes with coming back after the Christmas/New Year break... so that takes up a goodly chunk of the day.

What was amusing was that I checked our "Big Board Of Stuff" first thing in the morning to work out who was in and who wasn't... so I was surprised when Rockchick walked in the door at about 9:30... because she had a flexi listed on the board. She forgot. Both Sugarmonkey and I told her to turn around and go home again, but she didn't.

I was also amused by a phone call I got this morning... someone asking for advice on something, and whether it was the fact that I was just back from leave or what, but I very much enjoyed telling them exactly what I thought (nicely enough though).

And I actually got less shit for my somewhat lackluster proto-beard that I thought I might. I'm not sure how long it's going to last... it might disappear by the weekend, but I hadn't shaved for the majority of the holidays, and I'd kinda liked the look when I'd checked it out in the mirror a couple of times, so I decided to keep it. Actually people seem to think it's just a goatee... the sides are still a little m'eh still, plus I think the goatee section is a little darker.

So I'm not exactly sure it's good to be back at work, but it kinda beats the alternative of no work at all.

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