pervy summer shopping

50's refrigerator guyI always get the shopping done so much quicker when Ma is getting her hair did...

Less than half an hour this time, even if I didn't go into Target or go across the street to Coles/Woolies for anything.

On the downside it was one of their Stocktaking Saturdays. I get that they do it on a Saturday morning so that they can call in the maximum number of teenage part time staff (as well as others I'm guessing come from a temp agency of some kind)... but Saturday morning... seriously.

Anyway, I did the Supermarket thing around the Stocktaking thing, got one of the competent Checkout Boys (seriously, this boy make look completely vacant, but he's one of the few who uses his initiative when packing the stuff into bags) and made it home, unpacked, read the paper and was half-assedly watching kid's TV on ABC3 when Ma arrived.

And it's been another hot day, and we still didn't really have much we wanted to do, so we decided to go and see a movie at Marion and use the free passes I got as part of the "earlybird prize" for renewing my membership at the gym.

But first we needed to stop at the Village so I could bank the $190 worth of silver coins I bagged up earlier in the week. And I was served by a woman who seemed to either be really new, or else was a little bit stupid. Plus, bank staff really should be able to add 90, 60, 30 and 10 in their head, right? I mean even I can do it and I'm shithouse at Math.

Then we drove (in my car, naturally, because of the air-con) down to Marion.

You know those days when you go to a major shopping mall and you drive around and around and around and around and around and around the area you want to park in and it takes forever for your particular path to coincide with somebody actually getting to/in their car and giving you a space?

Today wasn't one of those days. It was a "Oh, I'll go down here... oh look, people going to their car... oh, they're going to the next row... wait, no they're not, it's that car there... waiting, waiting... SPACE!" kind of day.

I like those days.

So we parked, went and swapped the bits of paper I had for bits of paper that would let me into the cinema and then wandered about a bit.

And wandered over to the toy department in Myer and went through all the Lego minifigs they had in the box on the counter. Because I'm tragic. And got two of the major ones that I really wanted... so I'm happy... for now.

Then we grabbed some water and some grapes from Coles and headed off to the movie (more on that later).

When we came out of the movie we wandered around a bit and got something to eat.

There is something about Westfield Marion during the Summer... and that something is tall, tanned, buff, tattooed, lithe, blonde, redheaded, singlet wearing, half naked, slightly bogan dudes. Not all at once you understand... although often many, many of the things all together. If I wasn't already hot and sweaty, it'd make me hot and sweaty. In a word... phwoar!

Also, buff, tanned, blonde twenty-something twins. Lordy.


That was about it really... we wandered about, I perved a LOT, we left.

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