photo friday: long neck and walker

long neck yellow walker
At present I have a "Summer cold"... sniffly nose, stuffed up head, frog in my throat, dry lips... a little ulcer under my tongue that I keep catching... and one of the topics of conversation at work today concerned the fact that I'd be the first on the chopping block in event we needed to turn to cannibalism due to being trapped in the building due to a zombie apocalypse.

Welcome to my week.

Actually other than the cold and the tongue thing it hasn't been a bad week... the weather behaved itself, work was mostly low impact. And I managed to put all of my Christmas minutia/toy soldiers away.

I've also had mixed reactions to my proto-beard... which is really annoying me at the moment but mostly because I'm not feeling well... Rockchick seems to like it, Sugarmonkey surprisingly has no opinion and H-San keeps giving me a hard time. Not that I care... I'll keep it until I don't want to keep it anymore and then it'll go.

I'm also not sure why it takes so much effort to give away FREE THINGS!

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