happy 2012

happy 2012I have to say that last night didn't really feel properly like New Years Eve... and today really didn't feel like the beginning of a new year when I woke up this morning, although it's starting to feel a little more like that now.

I can only assume that it's because of doing the Saturday shopping thing yesterday... it kinda threw off my NYE mojo.

After I finished up the last post of 2011 I made some dinner (Bush tomato sausage salad... slightly less interesting than it sounds) and after trying to wrangle Siri on my iPhone 4S to add things up for me and then to convert the number of minutes into hours, I settled in to watch a few new Futurama audio commentaries before filling up my big metal pot full of cold water to soak my feet in (mmmm cooling... stupid really, really hot New Years) and starting the NYE Moviefest.

That's possibly the other reason NYE didn't completely feel like NYE, I started watching movies later than usual and I only watched two instead of the usual three.

I was very happy with my movie choices though... it was a bit of a Dreamworks Animation Fest, with Kung Fu Panda 2 followed by How To Train Your Dragon... both of which make me tear up, and which were... blogging spoiler alert... my #1 movies of 2011 and 2010 respectively).

When I was finished with both of those it was about 11:30 and I couldn't be bothered starting another movie so I alternated between watching Special Features and another Futurama commentary.

And that's pretty much what I was doing when the clock rolled over to 2012.

Every New Years, I can hear the fireworks down at the Torrens but because my apartment block faces away from the river (as is at the other end of North Adelaide) I really can't see anything... but this year I wandered around into the rear car park to see if I could spot anything from there. I could, but only the really, really, really high stuff... although I could hear it all, and the light from all the fireworks was visible on the back of the apartment building... bit of a tease really.

And that was that really... I finished the Futurama episode and then went to bed. Now I'm spending the first day of 2012 in a darkened apartment watching movies trying to keep reasonably cool.

So, yeah... oh, and Happy 2012 everyone... welcome to the National Year of Reading!

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Victor said...

That calendar boy is really gorgeous.


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